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As the famous proverb goes, three things are guaranteed in life — death, taxes and Mihai Traistariu (also known as M I H A I) entering the Romanian national final.

The famed Romanian, who achieved fourth place with “Tornerò” at Eurovision 2006, has since entered Romania’s national selection Selectia Nationala every year since 2016. His most recent entry, “Heaven”, scored a very respectable 7th place in a strong field of competitors.

While a M I H A I revival might be expected for 2019, the singer may be setting his sights abroad.

The Romanian is currently performing and travelling on the beautiful shores of Malta. While there, he’s dropped a potential hint about his plans for 2019 on Facebook — stating that he will meet with the OGAE Malta Fan Club. He’s also silently reposted a news article rumouring a potential participation in the Maltese National Selection.

Azi am concertat in Malta !Maine trag o fuga cu Mihaela Florea pe plaja BLUE LAGOON, de pe insula Comino : Blue Lagoon,…

Posted by Mihai Traistariu on Sunday, 3 June 2018

M I H A I may find himself in some trouble, however, if he wishes to enter MESC as a singer. While Maltese national broadcaster PBS has not clarified submission rules for 2019, their 2018 rules stipulate that each artist must have Maltese citizenship.

C Performances and Artist

8. All artists must be of Maltese nationality or have dual citizenship, one of which is
Maltese. In the case of a group comprising two or more artists, the lead artist must be of
Maltese Nationality or hold dual citizenship one of which is Maltese. All artists
participating in lead role must be of Maltese Nationality or hold dual citizenship, one of
which Maltese.

PBS Malta Eurovision Song Contest 2018 Regulations

While M I H A I might not be able to enter MESC as a singer, he may be considering entering as a songwriter. 2018 regulations stipulate that songwriters may be of any nationality. Will M I H A I consider working with “Heart of Gold” star Brooke? Sounds like a collaboration made in “Heaven”.

M I H A I may bring some luck to unlucky Malta, who have failed to qualify for two consecutive years. In 2017 Claudia Faniello placed 16th in her semi final with “Breathlessly”, while this year Christabelle scored an unexpected but respectable 13th place in the semi final with “Taboo”. Unfortunately she came last with televoters.

Would you like to see M I H A I jump ship and enter the Maltese national selection? Which Maltese artist would you like to see him collaborate with? Let us know in the comments below!


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I think his mental health could suffer a lot if he looses in Malta too, which is very possible. MIHAI should understand that not the jurors or people were the reasons he didn’t win again in Romania, nor his vocal abillities, but ‘his’ productions. Let’s face it, in 2016 he came with a so generic, also already dated track that had just a single attractive moment, a 20 seconds high note. There were simply better entries that year, with a truly masterpiece and strong message than easily won. In 2017 he came 2nd (very good result) when there was, effectively,… Read more »

I love Mihai since 2006! His song back then was great and should have won. I like he’s dedicated and tries to represent Romania at Eurovision, not always with sth exceptional. But I’d love to see him coming back some time.


M I H A I should stop making a fool of himself…


I think only with San Marin he can compete again in Eurovision. He don t have chance in his country Romania or Malta. I don t think that maltese people will sent stranger to sing for their country.


entering for Malta would only disappoint the Maltese people if his song was absolute garbage, and would make them look bad. from Alexander Rybak coming 15th this year, Mihai would need an absolute brilliant song that tops his absolute tune tornero in 2006. I mean he came 4th in 2006 like leave on a positive not a negative an disappoint the Maltese public


PLEASE NO. From Malta


Just no

Polegend Godgarina

He should try San Marino.


Bad news for Malta.


He is totally desperate. Also his instagram photos are very creepy, something is mentally wrong here

Talentina Monetta

Romania can keep him


It’s actually possible that he can represent Malta as he can easily buy citizenship, which is the most powerful passport you can obtain easily. I don’t know the full regulations behind it but I do know if you buy a property over a certain value, then it’s possible for M.I.H.A.I to represent Malta because of the investment, as he can easily get a citizenship if he does that. I know this because of my knowledge. I’m not from Malta by the way.

Boycott Jerusalem 2019
Boycott Jerusalem 2019

M I H A I… Right, more like M I B Y E.

Roelof Meesters

This is pathetic, why can’t he accept that he has already went and got a very decent result? Why doesn’t he just try for San Marino while he is at it.


He wants to be at Eurovision again, but representing another country other Romania may lead him to be accused of being corrupt.


Even San Marino doesn’t want him lol.


Well that was unexpected.


I’m exciting on what Malta will do next year! I love Christabelle’s Taboo, even voted for it 12 times out of 20, but my country Germany didn’t give a single point to Christabelle 🙁


he’ll also flop in mesc, since the songs he’s submitting lately arent good


It said Be the first to comment and in my mind I read be the first to turn around