Slovenia’s ‘Mission Eurovision’ kicked off Oct. 2

Misija Evrovizija—that’s Slovenian for “Mission Eurovision,” not “Miss Eurovision”—has begun, and four contestants have already fallen.

The first of four semi-final heats took place on Sunday: eight contestants performed, and four advanced to the next round. Those still in the race are Klemen Orter, Nadja Irgolic, Aljosa Keber, and Brina Vidic.

Following Maja Keuc’s strong showing at Eurovision 2011—she placed third in her semi-final, and 13th in the grand finale—Slovenia is taking Eurovision 2012 very seriously. The producers of Mission Eurovision held five regional auditions where they selected 130 artists for the contest. Then a panel of professional judges whittled them down to 32. Check out this trailer to see just how serious their national selection is this year.


Maja is playing a central role in this year’s proceedings as co-host alongside Slovenian entertainer Klemen Slakonja. Here’s a trailer featuring this pair of lookers.

The next heat takes place on October 9th.

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11 years ago

Having seen what the fuss is all about, apparently it’s to do with the boots Maja wore at Düsseldorf for both semi-final and the final for Slovenia. However I think it is leather and not latex as mistakenly assumed.

11 years ago

I have totally no idea why.