Ever since Alena Lanskaya won the right to represent Belarus at Eurovision 2012 on February 14, Wiwi’s readers have been shouting “Scandal!” Eurovision fans from Belarus to Britain all seem shocked that she could have won the Belarusan selection with a terrible song that features child-like lyrics like “Finally all my dreams coming true/ This is possible only because of you.” One of Wiwi’s followers on Twitter described the song as “pathetic.” And people have commented on this blog site that Alena shouldn’t even compete in the semi-finals: it’s already clear that she has no chance of making it through to the final.

One reader, “lexz” in Belarus, directed Wiwi to a news article written in Belarusan that suggests Alena may have “earned” her ticket to Baku in a questionable, potential unfair, way. Wiwi does NOT speak Belarusian, so cannot confirm any of these facts. But as far as Wiwi can tell, the belmy.by news site has obtained a document that suggests rule-breaking. Here is a screen grab of the article’s text and the document their journalists obtained:

The headline—which I’ve put in Google Translate—says something like, “Did Lanskaya work an administrative resource?” The text that follows says there has been a scandal, and that it involves “social networks, posted pictures, indicating that the singer was working on this administrative resource.”

“lexz” also used her translating tool and sent Wiwi the following text:

“The Department of Education Osipovichi Executive Committee, as requested by the Department of Education reports that 14 February 2012 at 18.00 on television TDB-1 and BT-2 will show finals of [EuroFest]. ”
At the end of five participants are the representative of Alena Lanskaya Mogilev region, the girl an orphan, his talent reached the finals of the competition.
You will need to conduct organizational work and organize SMS-voting in support of the students during the competition.
Also we inform you that on the website of the newspaper “Komsomolskaya Pravda in Belarus” carried out a preliminary vote and you need to organize support for Alena Lanskoy by the students to vote.

It’s still very difficult to understand what is going on because of the various language barriers. Is there anyone out there who speaks fluent English and Belarusian who can update us? Reading these various reports, it sounds like (1) Alena had friends within government encourage people within their municipalities to vote for Alena or (2) that there was a pre-written script suggesting that Alena was going to win anyway.
Wiwi is eager to know the truth. Belarus: Let us know what’s happening!
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11 years ago

I think it means the second statement : “(2) that there was a pre-written script suggesting that Alena was going to win anyway” because of the last sentence which means :
“RESULTS OF THE voting will be monitored BY the department OF EDUCATION. And each district will be monitored separately.”
You understand, i think, that if it had been just a suggestion, nobody would have been going to monitore the results of it. So it was the order.