Thorsten Flink and the Top Cats advanced from the andra chansen round this evening, completing the Melodifestivalen 2012 line-up. Afterwards the show’s producers determined the running order for the March 10 final. Below you can watch all of the finalists in the order that they will compete next Saturday. Click on the contestant’s name to read the lyrics to their song. Enjoy the (simulated) show!

1. David Lindgren with “Shout It Out”

Music and lyrics by Fernando Fuentes and Tony Nilsson

2. Thorsten Flinck & Revolutionsorkestern with “Jag reser mig igen” (I Rise Again)
Music and lyrics by Thomas G:son and Ted Ström

3. Dead by April with “Mystery”
Music and lyrics by Pontus Hjelm

4. Lisa Miskovsky with “Why Start a Fire?”
Music and lyrics by Lisa Miskovsky, Aleksander With, Bernt Rune Stray, and Berent Philip Moe

5. Top Cats with “Baby Doll”
Music and lyrics by Mårten Eriksson, Lina Eriksson, and Susie Päivärinta

6. Loreen with “Euphoria”
Music and lyrics by Thomas G:son and Peter Boström

7. Ulrik Munther with “Soldiers”
Music and lyrics by Ulrik Munther, Johan Aberg, Linnea Deb, Joy Deb, and David Jackson

8. Björn Ranelid feat. Sara Li with “Mirakel” (Miracle)
Music by Fredrik Andersson, and lyrics by Björn Ranelid

9. Molly Sandén with “Why Am I Crying?”
Music and lyrics by Molly Sandén, Aleena Gibson, and Windy Wagner

10. Danny Saucedo with “Amazing”
Music and lyrics by Danny Saucedo, Peter Boström, and Figge Boström

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Shirley Green
Shirley Green
12 years ago

ULRIK MUNTHER-the real winner!! 🙁

12 years ago

good news, Loreen just won 😀

12 years ago

If there’s any justice in the world, Loreen should bag this contest hands down.

Gavin Brockwell
12 years ago

loreen in place 6? Danny at 10… The producers obviously want Danny to win? NOOOOOOO. Trackshitterz do the neon better and the song is very laughable. LOREEN TO WIN… Please… Her song would lift the Eurovision and she is talented, great to watch and I think she would be an excelent winner who offers something a bit different. Please please please let it be Loreen!