For Denmark’s Eurovision fans, surely Sanne Gottlieb is considered the one who got away.  In both 2000 and 2001, Sanne had big Eurovision dreams and participated in Dansk Melodi Grand Prix, the national selection for ESC. She lost both times. The experience left her slightly bruised. But when I spoke to her recently about whether she’d give Eurovision another go, she admitted that she’s had a change of heart. “I have been saying for ten years NO,” she said. “But this year I changed my mind. With the right song and country I would consider it.”

It’s a remarkable answer from a remarkable lady. Sanne, who is completing a post-graduate degree in applied psychology and writing a book, realises that Eurovision is a contest without borders. Although she’s proud of being a Dane, she is equally loyal to the many countries she considers home.

Humanitarian work once took her to Mali, and she currently calls Singapore home. This has done wonders for her career in Asia. Her latest album “Cassette From Your Ex” has seen very strong sales in the region—and deservedly so. It’s a beautifully written, personal album that sets her intimate thoughts to ambient electronica. Standout tracks include ‘Creeping Over Me’, ‘Avoiding The Obvious’ ‘September Storm’ and ‘Kissing’. The last number found its way onto the ‘Sex and The City’ soundtrack.

But that’s not Sanne’s only connection to the movies—or, more generally, to performance. She’s already graced the big and small screens in Denmark, recited original poetry to full houses at public libraries and, perhaps most remarkably, been the Danish national champion in figure skating. When this renaissance woman sought new challenges, Elite Model Agency came knocking and took her to the runways of the world’s fashion capitals. In 2012, she appeared on stage in a well-received Royal Danish Theatre production. This was also the year that she released “Cassete from Your Ex”—one of the most overlooked pop albums of the year.

Now that we know that Sanne is ready to give Eurovision another go, most of her fans are delighted. Let’s hope Europe’s state broadcasters are listening.

Sanne at Dansk Melodi Grand Prix 2000:

Sanne’s “Made a Mistake”

Sanne’s “Creeping Over Me”

Deban Aderemi is a London-based correspondent for wiwibloggs.

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9 years ago

Here a link to where you can listen to samples to the complete album and buy it as a download

Here you can buy it on cd

Please support this extra ordinary artist.

9 years ago

This album is FANTASTIC. A real hidden treasure. Please buy it online on cd ( or download it from The best album released domestically in Denmark and it should have been a smash hit album beyond the borders of Denmark. Even though it does not contain her song “Girls like me” ( The english version of “Uden dig”) or “Tog jeg fejl” which I also liked.The album shows a complete different side of Sanne. It is a killer album with no fillers. You will love Deban for leading your way to a wicked album. I can only say… Read more »