Jade Ewen has taken a dive—and we’re not talking about her career post-Eurovision. The Sugababe competed on the first episode of Tom Daley’s reality diving contest “Splash” last Saturday. It’s like “Dancing with the Stars”, but it takes place on a diving board and doesn’t actually involve any celebrities. Anyway, Jade made a splash—but not in the way she would have hoped. Let’s take a look.

What the hell was that? The “dive”—it mirrored a drunk lady stumbling off a platform—earned Jade a score of 18/30 from the judges. Not even her legions of Eurovision fans could save her from walking the plank. Five slebs competed, and Jade was one of two eliminated.

Here’s what Jade had to say after the show:

The whole thing was terrifying and I was a nervous wreck just looking at the board.

I cried at the start because I felt so embarrassed. But I’m happy to say it’s over and I was thrilled to have taken part.

But props to Jade for working that gold two-piece. Fierce! Let’s hope that, along with memories of her fifth place finish at Eurovision 2009, will remind her she’s a winner.

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8 years ago

Wow!! Hahaha!! 🙂