Ryan Dolan has won Eurosong 2013, and with it the chance to represent Ireland at Eurovision. “It’s crazy,” he said on stage before reprising “Only Love Survives”. I can’t believe it. I was more nervous in the last 15 minutes than I was before I performed.”

He had plenty of reason to quake. After the jury votes were revealed Ryan actually trailed 18-year-old birthday girl Aimee Fitzpatrick by two points. But his dance track “Only Love Survives” won the day with the public, helping him overcome the deficit. He was certainly relieved. “All the songs were great,” he said. “I don’t know, I’m just so happy. I’m just so happy.”

You can review the jury and televoting results below, and also listen to Ryan’s winning song. If you’d like to hear what RTE’s on-air panelists had to say about the acts during the show, then click here.

jury results by city

Cork Jury

Aimee Fitzpatrick 12 points
Ryan Dolan 10
Inchequin 8
Zoe Alexis Bohorquez 6
Kasey 4

Limerick Jury

Ryan Dolan 12 points
Aimee Fitzpatrick 10
Kasey 8
Inchequin 6
Zoe Alexis Bohorquez 4

Galway Jury

Aimee Fitzpatrick 12
Ryan Dolan 10
Kasey 8
Inchequin 6
Zoe Alexis Bohorquez 4

Dundalk Jury

Aimee Fitzpatrick 12
Inchequin 10
Ryan Dolan 8
Kasey 6
Zoe Alexis Bohorquez 4

Dublin Jury

Ryan Dolan 12
Kasey 10
Aimee Fitzpatrick 8
Zoe Alexis Bohorquez 6
Inchequin 4

Combined jury scores

1. Aimee Fitzpatrick — “Crashing Down” 54 points
2. Ryan Dolan — “Only Love Survives” 52
3. Kasey — “Kiss Me” 36
4. Inchequin — “Son Kez” 34
5. Zoe Alexis Bohorquez — “Fire” 24

public vote

Ryan Dolan — “Only Love Survives” 60 points
Aimee Fitzpatrick — “Crashing Down” 50
Kasey — “Kiss Me” 40
Zoe Alexis Bohorquez — “Fire” 30
Inchequin — “Son Kez” 20

Final Results

1. Ryan Dolan — “Only Love Survives” 112
2. Aimee Fitzpatrick — “Crashing Down” 104 points
3. Kasey — “Kiss Me” 76
4. Zoe Alexis Bohorquez — “Fire” 54
5. Inchequin — “Son Kez” 54 [tie broken by public vote]

Here’s Ryan’s official music video.

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10 years ago

It was a tragic result. Aimee was simply outstanding. There was a massive promotion in Dublin all the way up to the show favoring Ryan, led by The George bar and celeb drag queen Panti. The tele vote spoiled the night.

sheila fits
sheila fits
10 years ago

Very proud of my home town (limerick) jury getting it right