In ten days we will know who is going to represent Moldova at Eurovision 2013. This year’s controversial national selection has already involved strange rules and plagiarism claims, delays and departures. The drama will continue in the national contest “O melodie petru Europa” which kicks off with the  semi-finals on 12 March and 14 March, and concludes with the final on Saturday, 16 March.

You can listen to all the competing songs on the Teleradio Moldova website here.

Similar to the Romanian Selectia Nationala, 6 contestants will advance from each semi-final. The first semi-final has 11 contestants – Denis Latisev withdrew at the last minute and Teleradio Moldova did not accept any other contestant in his stead.

Cristina Croitoru finished in second place last year and many say that 2013 will be her year

Despite all the controversy this year, it’s a strong competition with five worthy frontrunners – Aliona Moon with Pasha Parfeny’s ballad “A Million”, Boris Covali with “Runaways”, Cristina Croitoru and Karizma with “Never Fall Again”, Tatiana Heghea with “A brighter Day”, and Nicoleta Gavrilita with “Freaky Thing” appear to be the public’s favourites, according to different polls.

But what are your favourite songs? You can vote for one song from each semi-final and we will come back with the results of the polls on 11 March!

Semi-final 1 – 12 March

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Semi-final 2 – 14 March

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11 years ago

There are some great backing tracks to some of these songs, some classic sounds, some a bit more inventive. It’s a pity that they’re not all paired up with the best songwriting, but we can’t have everything. I’ll wait until after the semis before going too deep, but want to point out a few that haven’t been mentioned yet. “Codename ‘Felice'” is pretty cool with a variety of parts, and lends itself to interesting staging options. “Show Me Your Feelings” offers a light jazz/blues feel that could contrast well with other entries. “Planeta Un Rai” is brilliant. C’mon Moldova, you… Read more »

11 years ago

Cristina and Karizma ftw!!!! Great song!