In a press conference today, the Moldovan representative Aliona Moon released the video for her song “O mie” and revealed a few secrets regarding her performance in Malmö.

The dreamy video shows the two sides of a woman: the hollow, colourless life without love, and the happy, colourful, fulfilled life that love brings. The clip was shot over two days in a Moldovan orchard, which had to be painstakingly painted white (with ecological paint, of course) for an eerie, wintry effect. It is the first video in Aliona Moon’s career and may we say that we are quite impressed with the result!

Aliona and her team also revealed that she will be joined onstage by songwriter Pasha Parfeny, last year’s Moldovan representative, who will accompany her at the piano, and by four dancers. There will be a different dress, which has already been shipped to Sweden, but they will stick to the concept of video projections from the National Final.

Paris flashmob for Aliona Moon
Paris flashmob for Aliona Moon

Last Sunday, the Moldovan team enjoyed some nice support in the form of flashmobs that took place in 13 cities from all over Europe – and even Dubai! – under the title “A Thousand Lights to the Moon”. More than one thousand fans from the Moldovan diaspora released red, yellow and blue balloons one month after a similar event was organized in the Moldovan capital Chisinau, when one thousand lanterns were released to the evening sky in the presence of Aliona Moon and Pasha Parfeny.

The Moldovan delegation will leave for Malmö on Monday. Aliona Moon will perform “O mie” from the 12th position in the first semi-final, on 14 May.

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11 years ago

Aliona looks awesome in the video, shame she was eliminated from ENTM. If she grew her hair out, then she would look like a million bucks.