Wiwi: At the end of this video clip Despina Olympiou appears to have the chills. But she shouldn’t worry: Her song and its simple presentation seriously warm the heart. Lots of people say that “An Me Thimase” is boring, dull, and likely to induce sleep, but I still find it quietly stirring. Despina—who looked ravishing in a black lace dress with tulle overlay—has little more than a wind machine to add drama to her number. But she doesn’t need much else. The lady can sing. We haven’t seen all the camera angles or how this will be filmed, so it’s too early to say if she can squeak into the final. It’s going to be a struggle, but if she does make it, I doubt anyone will complain.

Deban: When Despina was asked if this was her first time on the Eurovision stage, she said, “It’s my first of everything”. That hints at her excitement and the joy that novelty brings. True to form, she brings that same giddiness and nervous energy to the stage. Despina serenades you with this ballad and adds a sparkle to every songline. Unfortunately, the Cypriot delegation and production team are a huge let-down. The backdrop does nothing for the song, instead deflating her dreamy vocals. Her choice of outfit could have been much better, and her big hair lacked movement. Although Despina wants us all to believe that it’s never as good as the first time, the reality is that her team need a lot more time to get their act together.

Photo Credit: Dennis Stachel (EBU)

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11 years ago

amazing, go cyprus 12 points from all your friends in the united kingdom