Montenegro’s Who See

Noyz and Dedduh—the two halves of Montenegro’s Who See—have been winning us over in recent days with their “party on Mars”-themed stage act. We loved their first rehearsal and cannot wait to wear a cosmonaut outfit to our next rave in an abandoned warehouse! When Nina Zizic, their official hype girl, swoops into the song on her moveable platform we always lick our lips and say “Amen”. In the interview below the boys tell us that they only had 10 days to find a female vocalist, and figured that Nina would be a good choice since they owed her some money. Given how much she elevates this performance, we think they need to send her another check ASAP.


Second rehearsal

Photo by Sander Hesterman (EBU)

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11 years ago

Love them! so much fun. Nina adds a lot!