It’s always nice to see Eurovision stars back worthy causes, and even better when two decide to get involved. So understandably, we were all thrilled to learn that Switzerland’s 2010 and 2011 entries, Michael Von Der Heide and Anna Rossinelli, are currently taking part in the “Campaign for a Switzerland Without Aids”.

Unfortunately, AIDs and HIV are major issues in Switzerland. Approximately 600 people are diagnosed with HIV annually. A further 50 die from AIDs each year. Anna, Michael and a host of other Swiss celebrities, along with the Aids-Hilfe Schweiz organisation, hope to raise awareness of the disease amongst the general public. However, the campaign isn’t just focused on educating. They are also looking for the following:

  • Reduction of prejudice and discrimination against people living with HIV
  • Access to HIV treatment for all
  • Low-threshold HIV trial offers for groups with increased HIV risk

For further details on the campaign you can click here, while you can view a selection of the promotional posters by clicking on the images below.

Michael and Anna join an ever growing list of charitable Eurovision alumni. In recent months we have seen Gianluca Bezzina launch a cancer prevention campaign, Kati Wolf promote healthy hearts and Gaitana work with the United Nations Population Fund. What do y’all make of all this benevolent behaviour?

Padraig Jude contributed this report from Ireland. Follow him on Twitter at @PadraigJude. And while you’re at it, like our Facebook page to stay up-to-date with the latest Eurovision news and gossip.

Photo: Aids-Hilfe Schweiz

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10 years ago

i love you anna you deserved to win in 2011