Over the past week our readers have been voting for their favourite act singing in tonight’s second heat of #umk14. If they’re any indicator of tonight’s results, then Clarissa and Josh Standing should move straight to the final with their song “Top of the World”.

The duo, who recently spoke with our resident Finn Sami, earned more than one in every three votes. Hanna Sky came second with her song “Hope”.

Poll results

1. Clarissa feat. Josh Standing with “Top Of The World” 110 votes, 34.16%
2. Hanna Sky with “Hope” 76 votes, 23.6%
3. Mikko Pohjola with “Sängyn Reunalla” 71 votes, 22.05%
4. Lauri Mikkola with “Going Down” 30 votes, 9.32%
5. Madcraft with “Shining Bright” 18 votes, 5.59%
6. Makea with “Painovoima” 17 votes, 5.28%

The Wiwi Jury—our in-house panel of musical un-professionals—ranked the contestants slightly differently. Mikko Pohjola came first with his song “On the edge of the bed.” Clarissa and Josh came third.

Wiwi Jury

1. Mikko Pohjola with “Sängyn Reunalla”  (6.79)

2. Lauri Mikkola with “Going Down” (6.5)

3. Clarissa feat. Josh Standing with “Top Of The World” (6.36)

4. Madcraft with “Shining Bright” (4.57)

5. Hanna Sky with “Hope” (3.5)

6. MAKEA with “Painovoima” (2.0)


Who do you think will win tonight’s heat in Finland? Who do you want to win?

Willy Lee Adams contributed this report from London. Follow him on Twitter @willyleeadams. You can also keep up with the latest Eurovision news and gossip by following wiwibloggs.com on Twitter and Facebook.

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9 years ago

First heat was better. I’d prefer Clarissa and Hanna Sky to advance here.

9 years ago

Hanna Sky or Mikko Pohjola should win this semi-final. They’re my two favourites.