Romanians Paula Seling & Ovi and Stefan Stan & TeddK have already made a strong case for why they should win Romania’s Selectia Nationala. Now another Romanian—Mircea Cioclei—is ready to show y’all what he has to offer. With his song “Every Time I See You” he isn’t just bringing a piano ballad. He’s bringing British singer Krystal Mills.

Their song will drop in about two weeks, but for now they’ve released the following teaser. According to Mircea, the song “reflects the pain of a break up.”

You may remember Krystal from the preliminary rounds of this year’s Swiss national selection. She was among the 159 acts shortlisted by Switzerland’s German-language broadcaster SRF for her song “Bang Bang Bang”. Many of you were impressed with her vocals, and so was Mircea.

Here’s what he had to say about her in a statement sent to

First of all I want to thank everyone from the team who has done an amazing job making this project become a reality. I proposed Krystal to duet with me in this project because I was amazed by her vocal performances. I like her voice so much and from the first time I heard her singing I said that we need to sing together. I already had the song for Eurovision but we changed it especially for her. With Krystal by our side we are stronger, better and we now have a song that has a real chance to represent Romania in Denmark.

The “we” includes Mircea, and songwriters Robert Baitinger (from Germany) and Paul Brookes (from the UK). Their song has been produced by Bastian Knochel of Logischdenker Records, which is based in Germany. Originally written for a solo artist, the team felt that Krystal could add something special, so they re-worked it.

You can learn more about Mircea on his Facebook page, but know this now: he plays the mandolin and the manadala, and is about to release an album called “You Know Me”. Here he is covering Laura Fabian.

Krystal really hopes to contest the Romanian final. Here’s what she told us:

It’s such a privilege to be asked to take part in this project and be asked to duet with Mircea. I feel very lucky to be working with such a great vocalist who has a voice and the look that will no doubt melt quite a few female hearts and to be working with such a great production team situated in UK, Germany and Romania. It is amazing to be given this opportunity to sing with Mircea and hopefully travel onto the next stage—Romania’s National Final—for his country, as I know he will be even more honoured as I am…I see that Paula and Ovi who came 3rd in Eurovision 2010 in Oslo, are one of the favourites, but we hope the Romanian people and the panel of judges will love our song more as we have worked so hard to produce this emotional ballad and are two new fresh faces. Wish us luck.

What do you think of the teaser? Are you excited to hear the song?

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10 years ago

Yeaaa.. not so sure on it either. It doesn’t really play enough to make a final verdict on it, but it sounds a bit old.

Padraig Muldoon
10 years ago

Aren’t teasers generally meant to showcase the best aspect of a song? Because this just seems to be highlighting how terrible and out of tune the song is. 🙁

10 years ago

Based on their teaser the song sounds terribly boring and no where near “Miracle” or “Breathe”.