They didn’t win Belgium Eurosong 2014, but semifinalists 2 Fabiola ft. Loredana can claim a victory if you ask us! Their Eurosong entry ‘She’s After My Piano‘ proved to be a smash hit in Belgium and also got some airplay in the Netherlands. Their follow-up track “One Night In Dubai” arrived this week.

“One Night In Dubai” is a classic dance track with some Eastern flavour. 2 Fabiola have stuck to their game, as the tune sounds really similar to “She’s after my piano”.

Pat Krimson, Loredana and their team haven’t slowed down since Eurosong 2014. Right after the finals they went on tour and visited nearly every city, town and barn in Belgium. During that touring marathon, they managed to get “She’s after my piano” golden status, won the Radio 2 Zomerhit-award, recorded a videoclip and got involved with some charity work. Amid all that they still found the time to deliver ‘One Night In Dubai’…

Meanwhile, rumours are brewing that 2 Fabiola intend to represent Belgium in Vienna 2015. It’s RTBF’s turn to select this year (2 Fabiola comes from the Flemish part of the country). But with French-speaking Axel being chosen by the Flemish broadcaster VRT, the language barrier is really something of the past.

Would you like to see 2 Fabiola in Vienna next year? Perhaps with a song written by Ovi?

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7 years ago

Ok, great! Good to see you check you comments. It’s is a nice song though (“She’s After My Piano”), I don’t like “One Night in Dubai”, maybe it’s the quality of the video… And is the studio version better…

7 years ago

This song is completely unknown in The Netherlands (No airplay, no tv performances, no chart position). Therfor the song is not a smash hit in the BeNeLux area. Since Ne stands for The Netherlands.