Many moons ago we reported that Eurovision diva Ruth Lorenzo had traveled to California to record her debut album Planeta Azul (Blue Planet). Well she’s back, and we couldn’t be happier. Following the successful radio launch of her single “Gigantes”, she’s now dropped the lyric video for the title track and it’s really pretty, y’all. The video features mysterious yet inspiring ink blots in water and, more importantly, Ruth’s powerhouse vocals. She gets all philosophical on us: “I sometimes feel that flagging energy and I can no longer try to remember the answers, and cannot find who I am, where I’m going and where I come from.” Thankfully we have the answers: She is an amazing singer headed straight to the top of the Spanish charts! As this song proves, she has taken her Eurovision glory and run with it. She only gets better!

Ruth Lorenzo lyric video for “Planeta Azul”

You can buy the single on iTunes.

Ruth has also announced via her Facebook page that she’ll be signing discs in five locations beginning October 27. If you’re in Murcia, Madrid, Barcelona, Alicante or Castellon, you better go stand in line NOW!

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