Elena Gheorghe, the fiery redhead who represented Romania in 2009 with her “Balkan Girls”, features as a guest vocalist on “In bucati” (Into pieces), the latest song by up-and-coming rapper Glance. Elena, who plays the part of an abused woman, is returning the favour to Glance – last year he provided a guest rap on her single “Ecou” (Echo).

In the music video, the domestic “battle” is metaphorically performed by professional fighters Bogdan Stoica and Stefan Szmoru, with songwriter Naguale playing referee. Upon release of the single, Elena Gheorghe said that it was the most difficult character she ever had to portray. “It was hard to play the role of an abused woman,” she added.

Despite being a guest star of the song, Elena manages to steal the show with her beauty and her powerful voice. It certainly feels more like Glance is the one featuring on the track.

The video is the antithesis of Elena and Glance’s previous collaboration, the break-up ballad “Ecou” (Echo) from 2013, in which the Eurovision star is presented in a much peaceful light.

If “Ecou” was a smash hit of 2013, it’s very likely that “In bucati” will enjoy similar acclaim. The production is rich, Glance is a gifted rapper, but it will be Elena’s amazing voice that will unquestionably pull the track to the top of the charts once again.

What do you think about Elena Gheorghe’s latest single? And would you like to see her represent Romania at Eurovision again?