wiwibloggs has more than 40 correspondents from all around the world. We want to be as close to our readers as we can, so in the coming months will be introducing you to everyone on the team. Today we’re talking to our Austria correspondent Patrick Melbler.

Hey Patrick! Could you tell us a bit about yourself?

Patrick Melbler I am Patrick and I’m 17 years old. I’m the Austrian correspondent for wiwibloggs and I’m studying at a business commercial school in a tiny village in Tirol. Eurovision is my biggest hobby and wiwibloggs created a new lifestyle for me! And thanks to Sami for this interview!

When did you start working for wiwibloggs and what’s your job?

My time on wiwibloggs started in December 2013, so one year ago. It was so exiting to get a chance to be part of the site! Well, my job is to cover Eurovision news from Austria and Germany. Besides that, I really love to do interviews with current and former Eurovision stars.

When did you become a Eurovision fan?

The first Eurovision I watched was in 2006. I don’t have many memories of that edition, but I remember how terrible Switzerland’s entry was and how shocked I was that those fierce creatures from Finland won it. My real Eurovision-addiction started one year later when the contest was held in Helsinki. I was under a spell from Slovenia’s entry and the shiny little thingy Alenka had in her hand – I mean, I was a little child and this was a miracle for me.

Which ESC song is your all-time favourite?

I have heard this question way too often and to be honest, I hate it. Eurovision has given us so many amazing songs year after year, that I cannot decide my all-time-favourite! Every song is special, even if some songs are terrible!

Favourite Eurovision memory?

This is such a cliché now, but my favourite Eurovision memory is the voting of 2014 and Austria! It was the first time in my life that I saw Austria doing well in the competition. The first breath-taking moment was when Austria was on the first position on the ranking for the first time in the evening! Kati Bellowitsch and her tribute to Conchita, wearing a beard and showing that Austria stands behind her is truly unforgettable. And of course the announcement that Conchita won the competition is the most amazing moment – I will never forget it!

If you could change something about Eurovision, what would it be?

I think I would abolish the BIG 5. It’s unfair seeing certain countries automatically make the final and other countries fighting for a place. Even if it would mean that we would not see the UK in the final anymore, I would still change the rule.

Has being a Eurovision fan changed your life? How?

Eurovision changed my life 100%. I have met so many amazing people because of Eurovision, who became such close friends. I’m in contact with artists I never would have dreamed of! Eurovision is also responsible for my musical style, my attitude, and my thoughts. So yes: it created a new lifestyle!

What kind of reaction do you get when you tell people that you are a Eurovision fanatic?

I’m not telling people that I am a big Eurovision fan, actually! I told some of my friends about it and their reactions were ones of shock…“Oh you like that sh*t?” or “Oh find a life, bro!” are statements I’ve heard. But hey: I found a life, full of Eurovision!

In your mind, what’s the greatest Eurovision injustice?

Oh we have a lot of Injustices in Eurovision year by year, so I could talk for hours about it! The biggest injustice in my opinion was that Moran Mazor didn’t qualify for the final in 2013! She had everything — the song, the look and of course the voice! Israel knows how injustice feels!

Do you have any hobbies outside of Eurovision?

Apart of Eurovision, I really like singing, even if I’m probably not the best and I really love to have a voice – to be part of society with your own statement. I’ve entered several speech contests in the past few years. The good placings and my victory this year were not my concept. I think people, especially young people, should share their opinions as loudly as they can!

What else you do in your free time?

I love going out with my dog in nature, I love listening to music, learning about cultures and languages and meeting my friends!

Patrick with his friends
Patrick hanging with some friends

What’s best about living in your country and in your city/town?

I think the best aspect of my country is the language differences. As you probably know we speak German in Austria but in every region or even village we speak a different dialect which can be really, really weird! Austrian people know what I mean.

Where would you like to travel the most?

I love traveling to Greece — I already call it my second home! But apart from that, I would love to travel to Malta, meeting amazing people there, enjoying the food, the sea and the lovely places on this little sunny island!

What kind of music do you listen to besides Eurovision music?

Europop is actually the type of music I listen to most. I really like pop music, ethnic music and ballads.

What is your favourite wiwibloggs article of all time?

Our team is really ambitious – the result is that we’ve had amazing articles over the years! If I have to choose of my articles, I would choose the coverage of my interviews with the contestants of the NF of Malta. It was really fun talking to such amazing people!

Do you have a message for wiwireaders?

Be courageous, be a warrior! (Amber, I love you!)

Read all of Patrick’s work here.


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7 years ago

Great reading about you, Patrick.
You have an exciting 6 months ahead. Keep your ear to the ground & give us all the news.