From the day that the UMK songs were released, one song has redefined the term “guilty pleasure” completely. Opera Skaala’s entry, “Heart of Light” has captured your hearts and your eyes. Y’all can’t look away from the craziness of the music video or the catchiness of the synths. It’s now the most watched entry on the UMK channel, with over 30,000 hits in only three weeks. But amongst all the craziness, we must wonder: what the hell is Essi Luttinen warbling about in “Heart of Light”?

“Heart of Light” – Opera Skaala Lyrics

In the agony of my mind, of my mind
In the agony of my mind, in the fury of my cry
I try to reach the sky
I’m blinded by the heart of light

I’m blinded by the light

Awakened couldn’t see
My pride talking to me
Where should I go, who should I be?
Regaining back to me
Gain back my dignity

Striking back I fall
Crawling up I rise
I don’t agree to die

In the heart of light
I’ll find my place

My place of light