The final of “The Next Star”, Israel’s Eurovision 2015 artist selection, takes place on Tuesday, so Ron, our Israel correspondent, is getting up close and personal with all four of the acts. Tonight we’re feeling Caribbean cool and getting into the reggae spirit with Iki Levy & The Rasta Hebrew Man. They talk about reggae, “The Next Star”, and the fact their drummer has already competed at Eurovision.

Congratulations for making it all the way to the final! How are you preparing for the final amid all the excitement?

Thank you very much. There’s an excitement in the air because the support is warming our hearts and it was a surprise to get this far in the show. We’re working hard and preparing another classic — this time in English. But of course with a reggae beat.

You’re known for reggae, so can we assume that’s your preferred genre to listen to? Do you have a favourite artist or song?

We’re staying faithful to Bob Marley, the man that changed our lives, but we’re also musically influenced by many other artists.

Have you been following the Eurovision Song Contest in recent years?

Moti, our drummer, participated in Eurovision with the band “Teapacks” at 2007, so we followed that year.

Moti-Rasta Israel 2007

Participating in Eurovision can build up a new performer and give them amazing exposure. But it can also wreck a career before it’s fully started? Does that worry you?

We’re not exactly newcomers. Most of us have been making music for a decade or two.. We’re “Rasta” and “Rasta” aren’t afraid of anything. We believe in Ja that will lead us in the right direction.

Do you have any songs ready for the Eurovision Song Contest?

We have a new, original and exciting song that we have never shared with an audience. It’s a song that speaks about our love of the holy land. It’s called “Stars of Night”.


Why do you think you’re the most suitable artists for Eurovision among the finalists? And what kind of song would you like to sing on the Eurovision stage?

We think that all of the finalists are suitable for representing Israel. It’s all a matter of stage talent, and there’s no doubt that Avia Shoshani, Sari Nachmias and Nadav Guedj all have it and big time! It is still early to know for sure which song we will play if we’ll get to Eurovision, but we’re sure it’s gonna be in the reggae style!

What are your after the final show?

To get back to performing and playing reggae as always, in every corner of the holy land, and to come back to our precious women who are the real stars in this busy time.

Thank you from all of us at wiwibloggs. We wish you the best of luck in “The Next Star” final in Israel!

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Photos Credit:Ronen Akerman

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7 years ago

Reggae has been around in Israel way before the Rasta folks were around. For them to brag about bringing a new vibe, attitude or musical gospel is echoing the opinion of 4 judges who made all the shots so far. Not only Israel is stuck in the Nineties, now it’s even opting to go back to the Seventies. It had ‘Hatikva 6’, ‘The Balkan Beat Box’ and even ‘judge Mooke’ already making it nationwide. Original? funny? relatable? telegenic? you gotta be shooting yourself in the foot: It’s like giving everyone a free pass to call your bluff.