Eurosong 2015 – the Irish national selection for Eurovision – will take place on 27 February, that’s tomorrow! All the acts are super busy, but we managed to nab Molly Sterling for a quick chat. The “Playing With Numbers” singer tells us all about her Eurosong journey so far, song-writing, her musical influences and much more. Read the full interview below.

Hi Molly. You’re a new name for most people, could you tell us a little about yourself?

No problem! I’m new to the whole interview thing so this is great! I’m a singer/songwriter from Tipperary and have been in the studio working on my first album for the last year with Greg French, who I was incredibly lucky to come across when I moved to Dublin. The past year has been filled with more opportunities than I could ever imagine, including being selected for the Eurosong Contest. It’s still surreal but I’m trying to soak up every fantastic second!! I’ve competed in small local talent competitions, weddings and parties but never done anything as major as the Eurosong.

How did the whole Eurosong process begin? How are you finding it so far?

I felt ready to put the music Greg and I have been working on for the last while out for people to hear and what better platform than the Eurovision! How often do artists get to represent their country with their own music?! Regardless of Friday’s result, the process in itself has opened up invaluable opportunities for me as an artist. Everyone involved has been so lovely as well. I’m really just taking each stage as it comes or else, I reckon I’d explode with excitement!

At 16 you are the youngest contestant in this year’s contest. However, “Playing With Numbers” is a very mature song. Can you relate to the lyrics?

Well, I wouldn’t say it’s any more mature in nature than the other songs in the competition. As I’ve said before; pain is relative, along with love and happiness. Trust me, it’s possible for teenagers to feel just as much hurt as others! ‘Playing with Numbers’ is about taking risks that you really believed would pay off and reflecting on the consequences of that gamble that went wrong in life or love. In my opinion, that applies to everyone. I usually write songs from a certain character’s perspective and attempt to capture their feelings in a song. It feels slightly like I am wearing their state of mind for a while and, I normally, just see what lyrics those emotions demand. When I played the song for Greg, he knew exactly what to add and take away and really brought the song together. He’s a genius!!!

You’re still in school. What do your friends and classmates think?

The support system of family and friends that I have around me is just unbelievable. I’m greeted with a congratulations from someone every day in school!! Every single person, from my principal to my best friends have carried me through any hint of a problem or panic. It’s not something I will ever take for granted and they know that.

Molly Sterling Playing With Numbers Eurosong 2015 Ireland Eurovision

Nikki Kavanagh has competed in Eurosong before, Erika Selin appeared on Swedish Idol and Kat Mahon is currently on the Voice of Ireland. In comparison this will be your first major television appearance. Are you nervous?

You don’t get excitement without nerves so, I’ll embrace the jittery butterflies just as much as the excitement! Yeah, of course, I’m nervous but I’m also ready to start my career. The team of outstanding individuals around me every day is responsible for that, I couldn’t even wish for better humans. They’re amazing, generous folks.

Do you have any favourite Eurovision songs?

I love Loreen’s ‘Euphoria’. That’s a track!

Have you listened to any of your potential Eurovision rivals from other countries yet? If so, which ones do you like?

Not yet, one step at a time!!

Molly Sterling Playing With Numbers Eurosong 2015 Ireland

What are your musical influences?

Most difficult question. I listen to absolutely every type of music and I listen to music depending on my mood. I have always loved Stevie Nicks but there are so many varying artists that I listen to, I just couldn’t choose a style, not even at gun point! Haha! Right this minute, I’m listening to the The Civil Wars. They have some beautiful harmonies!

Can you tell us anything about the staging you’ve planned for Eurosong?

Yes, it’s authentic and real.

Thanks for taking the time to talk with us. Best of luck on Friday!





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Edward Nygma
Edward Nygma
9 years ago


Obviously not underrated, she won over both betting odds (Nikki) and Wiwi polls (Erika).

9 years ago

Interesting to see if she plays piano in Eurosong (I’ve a feeling she will). I think she’s going to go top 2 at the very least and could well win it.

9 years ago

My favourite, and if she performs well live, she’ll certainly get my vote.

jr esc nl
jr esc nl
9 years ago

she’s the best along with niki i hope she wins

9 years ago

Beautiful song, incredibly underrated. I can picture her playing the piano on stage in Vienna. Hope she nails it tomorrow night!