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Guy Sebastian — the first-ever winner of Australian Idol and and Australia’s first-ever Eurovision singer — will hit up seven European cities in August and September as part of his Madness European Tour. To celebrate his arrival we launched a contest where our readers could win seven sets of tickets and seven meet-and-greets in his seven stops: Oslo (27.08), Stockholm (28.08), Cologne (01.09), Mannheim (02.09), Berlin (03.09), Hamburg (05.09), and Amsterdam (06.09). Y’all submitted entries like crazy and we can now reveal the seven lucky winners.

Guy Sebastian ticket giveaway: The winners!

guy sebastian madness European tour 2015 posterOslo Parkteatret (27.08)

Winner: Jan Olav

Stockholm Klubben (28.08)

Winner: Malena P.

Cologne Gloria (01.09)

Winner: Umut C.

Mannheim Alte Seilerei (02.09)

Winner: Raphael F.

Berlin Lido (03.09)

Winner: Anton R.

Hamburg Knust (05.09)

Winner: Thomas H.

Amsterdam Melkweg (06.09)

Winner: Richard D.

Thanks to everyone who entered. We’ll connect each of the winners with Guy’s people this afternoon. If any of the winners can’t make it, we’ll draw for the replacement. Guy’s people will reach out to you on Monday. If you didn’t win, you can still purchase tickets at

Enjoy the show!



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8 years ago

You know Mario, we know that you somehow dislike Guy Sebastian. You don’t have to be an immature brat about it though. Some people love his music and are happy to go to his concerts. I really wonder if you are truely gay or just here to give us homosexuals a bad name. Because everytime I read your comment I cringe. So what’s wrong with Guy, Is he not a “GreAtY” hot babe and thereafor should not be liked? You demand respect, from everyone, for your homosexuality and your comments. Yet you lack to do that for everything else! So… Read more »

8 years ago

Oh…My avatar changed because i made some typo mistake on my email..
Yeah its me of course the real Mario.. 🙂 It is totally obvious anyway..
The other fake troll clone of mine ”Mario” writes just nonsense trollish cr@p..
I should send him to go & listen live Guy Sebastian 4 a gift 😛 hehe..

8 years ago

Well congratulations to these 7 winners that won a ticket 4 Guy Sebastian’s tour… I’m mad now that i was not lucky enough to be one of these winners… NOT really.. 😛 I can’t believe that he did that great with finishing in top5… And he ever gathered 2 sets of 12 douze points.. His song although ok was not that good or great…Definitely NOT winner material…Was even more overrated than last year’s bookies favorite *Not Alone*.. Well if the Aussies take part in Sweden can you imagine if Guy Sebastian will represent again Australia next year?? I really hope… Read more »