The final of Eurovision may take place on a single night in May, but our beloved eurostars release music year round. We love giving their hot (and sometimes not so hot) tunes a listen, and you can read all about ’em in our new music reviews. Last week on our YouTube channel we rounded up four new tracks from Polina Gagarina, Ruth Lorenzo, Tim Schou and Airis (the Belgian singer, not the Spanish air conditioner). You can hear our thoughts below and also watch the music videos and read excerpts from our reviews. Enjoy the music! Well, most of it.

New Music releases

What we said

Polina Gagarina — “I Will Not”

According to her YouTube description, the song uses dance music to “seriously reflect on the eternal question of the relationship of man and woman.” The EDM accents have quite a bit of edge, and showcase a new side of Polina. We love it — and the lyrics of a woman finding herself amid her man’s wrongs. “I will not wait for you anymore, gonne leave you in the past,” she says. “Now you don’t mean a thing to me.” (William)

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Ruth Lorenzo — “99”

The pulsating build up to the first chorus almost feels hormonal. The deep beats and pumping sounds capture that overwhelming sensation of young love and sexual awakening. Everything in the song smacks of autobiography — from the raw emotion in Ruth’s voice to the vivid personal details scattered throughout the song. “I remember the room when we kissed and the way you were biting my lip,” she sings. “…and we kiss like we’re sixteen” (the same age Ruth was in 1999). (William)

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Airis — “Heartbreaker”

On “Heartbreaker”, Airis transforms into a mini dance diva and we heartily approve! The guitars and pianos have been thrown out in favour of drum and bass. She no longer sounds like a lost throwback from the early ’00s, this new Airis is 2015 through and through. And it’s not just her sound that’s progressed. Thematically, she’s grown up too. Gone is the needy little miss who wondered if her ex would pine for her. Now, she has no issue telling her significant other that he’ll be out on his own if he dares break her heart. As she coolly coos over the throbbing beats, we don’t doubt her. (Padraig)

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Tim Schou — “Gravity”

First off, we need to talk about the video. Let’s set the scene. Do we have any Modern Family fans? Y’all will surely remember the episode where one of the show’s central couples, Claire and Phil, decide to spice up their Valentine’s Day celebrations by indulging in some role play as Julianna and Clive. The pair meet at a bar with the intention to move the fun up to the bedroom. Needless to say, everything goes hilariously wrong and much laughter ensues. (Padraig)

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AM Casablancas
AM Casablancas
6 years ago

Sorry, I meant to say that Polina and Ruth slayed, the rest didn’t! 😛

AM Casablancas
AM Casablancas
6 years ago

99, it feels so right, the rest are crap 🙂