Earlier this year, Trijntje Oosterhuis announced that she was expecting her third child in December. However, the 2015 Barbara Dex Award winner isn’t the only Eurovision star welcoming a bundle of joy into the world. With Trijntje’s third child on the way, let’s take a look at four other Eurovision stars who have recently welcomed newborns.

Natalie Horler (Germany)

Natalie Horler — lead singer of Cascada — received a “Glorious” birthday present in late September with the birth of her first child. The worldwide chart topper has evacuated the dancefloor and moved to the nursery with beautiful daughter Jamie.

Natalie Baby

Yohanna (Iceland)

In 2009, Yohanna asked “Is It True?”, delivering one of the most memorable Eurovision performances of the decade and finishing second behind Alexander Rybak. One thing that is true is that Yohanna has just become a proud mother, giving birth to her baby daughter on October 3. Check out this beautiful photo of mother and daughter!

Yohanna 2

Daniel Diges (Spain)

In 2010, Daniel Diges represented Spain with the song “Algo Pequeñito (Something Tiny)”. In 2015, Daniel has something tiny of his own, with the arrival of his son Eliot. The father and son are looking fine with matching bowties!

Los chicos de la pajarita!!!

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Pastora Soler (Spain)

Daniel Diges isn’t the only Spanish Eurovision star welcoming a baby into the world. 2012 representative Pastora Soler revealed earlier this year that she was expecting her first child. She gave birth to daughter Estrella on September 15. The little one looks very peaceful!

Congratulations to all the lucky parents!