Söngvakeppnin 2016, the Icelandic national selection for Eurovision 2016, starts February 6 with the first semi final. The show will include Söngvakeppnin newcomer Karlotta with her song “Óstöðvandi”, which means “Unstoppable” in English. wiwiblogger Kristin sat down for a chat with Karlotta, one of our favourites in the Icelandic Wiwi Jury, and the composer of her entry, Kristinn Sigurpáll Sturluson.

What’s the story behind the song?

Kristinn: The original idea came from Ylva and Linda Persson, whom I’ve been working a lot with over the years. All three of us worked on “Óstöðvandi” together and then we decided to submit it for Söngvakeppnin. The message of the song is all about believing in yourself and standing strong whenever you’re facing tough times.

How did you decide to chose Karlotta to sing the song?

Kristinn: The decision was made after we listened to some videos of Karlotta singing on YouTube. After we saw those, it really wasn’t a difficult decision for us because Karlotta is very talented and she has an amazing voice.

Karlotta: It wasn’t my plan to be a part of Söngvakeppnin this year, but after Kristinn contacted me, I couldn’t turn this opportunity down. And then when I heard “Óstöðvandi”, there was no turning back!

Karlotta, what is your association with the music scene in Iceland?

Karlotta: Prior to Söngvakeppnin this year, my first appearance in front of the Icelandic public was when I participated in The Voice of Iceland in 2015. But I’ve been studying music ever since I was young. I play the violin, the piano and the guitar – plus I’ve been singing ever since I can remember. I’ve also participated in some talent shows and singing competitions, but The Voice of Iceland and now Söngvakeppnin have given me a huge platform in the music scene in Iceland.

Have you both decided on what language the song will be sung in?

Kristinn: The plan is to have it sung in English, since it was originally composed and written in that language.

Karlotta: Since the rules of Söngvakeppnin state that if the song makes the final, it should be performed in its original form, I hope that I’ll get the opportunity to perform the song in English at the final.