The early bird may get the worm, but the bird who is late can still eat something yummy. Such is the case with Eurovision 2016 tickets, as the third wave will go on sale tomorrow, Friday April 8 at 10:00 CET. As with the previous two tranches, they will go on sale at Given the constant queues and mad dash to snap up the tickets, you’d be wise to log on and create an account now so you are ready to go tomorrow.

Martin Österdahl, Executive Producer of the 2016 Eurovision Song Contest, explained the additional ticket release like this:

As plans have developed further, new seats have become available and we can consequently release additional tickets in all price ranges, to all shows – even for the Grand Final. The release makes it possible to get all ticket requests satisfied during the Eurovision week and this is for all wallets, as there will be tickets from as little as 100 SEK [around 11 euros].

Eurovision 2016 tickets: Semi-finals and Grand Final

Tickets are still available for all shows, which include the live semi-finals and final; the dress rehearsals on the afternoon before each live broadcast; and the jury final, held the night before the live shows. In list form that would be:

Semi-Final 1: The jury show 9 May 21:00
Semi-Final 1: The family show May 10 15:00
Semi-Final 1: The live broadcast May 10 21:00

Semi-Final 2: The jury show May 11 21:00
Semi-Final 2: The family show May 12 15:00
Semi-Final 2: The live broadcast May 12 21:00

Grand Final: The jury final 13 May 21:00
Grand Final: The family final 14 May 13:00
Grand Final: The live broadcast 14 May 21:00

Big Five + Sweden

The automatic qualifiers — that’s the Big Five and Sweden — will also have a chance to shine ahead of the grand final.

Spain, France and host nation Sweden will perform during the Jury Show on Monday May 9.

Germany, Italy and the United Kingdom will perform during the Jury Show on Wednesday May 11.

Do you guys have any tips for folks buying tickets tomorrow? Do you prefer standing or sitting? And where? Let us know in the comments box below.

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4 years ago

Do y’all think the sem-finals will be sold out? I hate it when the venue looks half-empty onscreen.