After failing to convince both the Selectia Nationala public and jury with “Paradisio” earlier this year, the artist formerly known as Mihai Traistariu took a short creative break. But now he has returned with the summery song “Iau vara la misto” (I’m making fun of summer). M I H A I is hoping that the vocoder-heavy reggaeton track will become a summer hit, although only time will tell if lyrics like “I’ve gone bald due to so much beer” are going to convince listeners.

In the thumbnail of the YouTube video, the artist chose to photoshop an attractive lady next to him while he’s grabbing his crotch, which pretty much summarises the song. M I H A I  talks to an imaginary lady friend, whispering that “love at the seaside comes in threes”, hinting at a fantasy threesome. We’re not sure that we want to know more! TMI, M I H A I.

Iau vara la misto lyrics — M I H A I

M-am gandit ce peste ai putea sa fii tu
in oceanul iubirii
Vai, n-am aer, dar stai,
Sunt un fraier, eu sunt cavalerul iubirii

Hai musca-ma, impusca-ma
Fara bani si fara tine sunt un derbedeu
Vaneaza-ma, viseaza-ma
In pat precum un leu

Am sa te-arunc in apa marii
Sa te prind in spuma ei
Sau sa fugim in nordul tarii
Si sa facem princhindei

Mai da-mi o gura de iubire
Ca doar o viata-i de trait
Sau da-mi un bax de fericire


Oh, oh, oh
Iau vara la misto
Oh, oh, oh
Eu vreau reggae, tu tango
Oh, oh, oh
Te duc la Monaco
Oh, oh, oh
Si te joc la cazino

Ne culcam, ne iubim, ne trezim sa privim
Rasaritul de soare
Ne-mbatam, ne certam, ne pupam si dansam
Goi pe plaja, la mare

Minte-ma, alunga-ma,
Goneste-ma de vrei
Alinta-ma, iubeste-ma
Ori du-ma la femei

Una-n stanga, una-n dreapta
Aresteaza-ma de vrei
Poate nu stii dar la mare
Dragostea se face-n trei

Adevar sau provocare
Am iubit tot ce-am gasit
Si-am chelit de-atata bere
Si tot nu m-am potolit



Iau vara la misto lyrics (English) — M I H A I

I’ve been thinking what fish you could be
In the ocean of love
Gosh, I can’t breathe, but wait,
I’m silly, I’m the knight of love

Go on bite me, shoot me
Without money and without you I’m a rolling stone
Chase me, dream of me
A lion in bed

I’m gonna throw you in the see
To catch you in its foam
Or to run away to the north of the country
So we can make little ones

Give me one more lovers’ kiss
‘Cause we only live once
Or give me a box of happiness


Oh, oh, oh
I’m making fun of summer
Oh, oh, oh
I want reggae, you want tango
Oh, oh, oh
I’ll take you to Monaco
Oh, oh, oh
And play you at the casino

We go to bed, we make love, we wake to watch
The sunrise
We get drunk, we fight, we kiss and we dance
Naked on the beach, at the seaside

Lie to me, exile me
Banish me if you want me
Cuddle me, love me
Or take me to women

One to the left, one to the right
Arrest me if you want
Maybe you don’t know but at the seaside
Love comes in threes

Truth or dare
I’ve loved all that I could find
And I’ve gone bald with so much beer
And still can’t get enough


There is not much else to say about this song, due to its tedious rhythm, lackluster production values, questionable subject mater and nonsensical lyrics, but one thing is clear. M I H A I’s attention-seeking has reached a new high — or low, depending on where you stand. Maybe you would like to add more?



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7 years ago

although only time will tell if lyrics like “I’ve gone bald due to so much beer” are going to convince listeners. =))))) CAN’T.STOP.LAUGHING.

El Rosario de Raquel
7 years ago

Tu si que eres HORTERA y vieja envidiosa, deja en paz al señor David Bustamente ya te gustaria A ti , estar en lugar de Paula Echevarría y poderte comer algo tan exqusito, que no esta el caviar hecho para que lo coman los cerdos, vieja impotente y vete a cojer aire fresco …por que ya estas en las ultimas.y estas letras son del mercado latino que tanto desprecias ,que vas por la vida de saber de todo y no sabes nada solo de ESC…THALIA Y MALUMA “Desde esa noche”.ah y tu microfono cada año pierde credibilidad .

7 years ago

The photoshop in the promotional picture is reaaaaaaally bad. 🙁

7 years ago

isnt he gay ,cuz he got those gay undies in his instagram ,and my radar is on point.

7 years ago


7 years ago

Gosh, those lyrics are horrendous.

I’m a little disappointed in Mihai’s most recent pieces of music. Tonerò was epic (even though the studio version and the music video were better than the live performance, where he looked a little stiff).

El Rosario de Raquel
7 years ago

“Que es lo que te pasa que no quieres, amor”
” yo no esperaba encontrarme una historia asi”
“Ya sufrí lo que tenia que sufrir”
“Yo solo quiero que seas, feliz”
“Me deficare solamente a ti”

7 years ago

El Rosario de Raquel is so funny! He/She always speaks Spanish. Why is he/she doing that? I mean, very few people here can understand him/her so I can’t find a reason why he/she should keep doing that.

7 years ago

@El Rosario de Raquel: #aintnobodygottimefordavidbustamantecheesylyrics

7 years ago

@Marcus (Day One): Your question is as laughable as any gay guy asking “Is it okey for me to like Eurovision?” LOL

7 years ago

i think he’s hot, too

El Rosario de Raquel
7 years ago

” yo quiero hacerte feliz”
“Ya sufrí, lo que tenia que sufrir”
“Casi ya no creia en mi”
“Pero me da miedo enamorarme de ti”
“Y yo de ti”
“Y tu no de mi”
“Tu no de mi”
“Y yo de ti”
“Pero me da miedo enamorame de ti”

Marcus (Day One)
Marcus (Day One)
7 years ago

Is it bad that I think he’s hot?

El Rosario de Raquel
7 years ago

“Pero me da miedo enamarme”
“De ti, tu no mi”
“Y yo, de ti”
“Tu no, de mi”
“Y yo de ti”
“Pero me da miedo enamorarme”