Don’t think that classical music is sexy? Then get ready to have your world BLOWN.

That’s because Ana Rucner — famed Croatian cellist and Eurovision 2016 star — has just released the official video for “Maximus”, her collaboration with noted British pianist Oliver Poole.

Filmed on “Katina”— a 27 million Euro yacht docked at Split harbour — the instrumental track and music video turn up the heat on summer by serving four minutes on symphonic sex.

The video starts with Ana lying in bed, covered by a sheet and wearing little more than a black negligé. Oliver — hair tussled and shirtless — rolls out of bed, apparently exhausted from the previous night’s activities. Oliver asks Ana if she’s ready and instructs her to come…to the music room.

The sexual tension is thick, and the clip is reminiscent of the piano and cello scene played by Susan Sarandon and Jack Nicholson in the film “The Witches of Eastwick”.

But Ana, who competed for Bosnia & Herzegovina at Eurovision 2016, takes things to another level. Wearing a baggy white t-shirt over her lingerie, she channels Luxe, Calme et Volupté as she infuses her art with erotica. As Oliver strums the piano keys and instructs Ana to let go, her cello begins to smoke and spin, transforming into the avant-garde cello she used on stage in Stockholm.

Things come to an abrupt climax at the end, suggesting the lush sequence was but a dream. It’s a reminder that for Ana music is both fantasy and life. She’s living her dream, y’all.

“Maximus” premiered at World Music Day in Srd in July. wiwibloggs was there to capture all the action, and we subsequently went aboard the yacht to interview Ana in all her glory.

The making of Maximus


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hair bundles
6 years ago

I think hair bundles are adorable, fashion, and really great.

Justin Timberlake
Justin Timberlake
7 years ago

She’s the reason I watched Eurovision this year!

7 years ago

Ana is sexy 🙂