She earned Cyprus a respectable ninth place finish with her Junior Eurovision entry “I pio omorfi mera” in 2014.

And three years on, Sophia Patsalides continues to bring the party vibe with the release of her debut single “Deep Blue Ocean”, now available on Spotify and iTunes.

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Sophia released the Constantine Paco produced “Deep Blue Ocean” all by herself and co-wrote the lyrics with Sarah Patsalides and Adonis Aletras.

The lyric video — produced by Calvin West — includes relaxing aerial views of waves hitting the beach from a deep blue ocean.

Unlike her bilingual Junior Eurovision entry, Sophia’s debut single is entirely in English. The lyrics show Sophia in a heartbreaking situation.

Sitting by the deep blue ocean, Sophia faces her fears of losing her beloved forever and drowning in tears. Feeling broken, her soul is bursting with emotion. As she says: “I read your letter, but I don’t know whether I’ll get to hold you one more time before you leave forever.”

Despite the sad emotions, the song has a head-bobbing beat and tropical feel that is giving us life. We may be heading towards the end of summer, but Sophia is keeping those Mediterranean vibes alive!

Sophia Patsalides at Junior Eurovision 2014

Following a year absence from Junior Eurovision, Sophia was internally selected by broadcaster CyBC to represent the island nation. She co-wrote her entry “I pio omorfi mera” (The most beautiful day) with Stavros Stavrou and Alex Panayi (himself a two-time veteran of the Eurovision Song Contest). The song became an instant hit with fans and a critical success with the Wiwi Jury.

After having the time of her life in Malta, Sophia continued to wow our readers. They voted her as the 2014 representative most likely to go on to adult Eurovision. We agreed and recently recommended her on our Wednesday Wishlist for Cyprus at Eurovision 2018 in Lisbon.

What did you think of “Deep Blue Ocean”? Would you like to see Sophia represent Cyprus at the Eurovision Song Contest? Let us know in the comments section below!

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Ariso Light
Ariso Light
6 years ago

I really hope she represents Cyprus at Eurovision one day! She would be an amazing winner too.

6 years ago

When’s Sophia releasing an actual music video for this song? Plus, I really hope she represents Cyprus at the regular Eurovision Song Contest next May! 😀