He’s an Icelandic pop divo who stirred Eurovision audiences with his daring performance of “Minn hinsti dans” back in 1997.

Now, 20 years later, Paul Oscar is busy like never before with a new album release, a huge tribute concert and a new acting gig. Breathe and say whew!

New album: Disco as usual

Paul announced his plans for the album back in March with the release of his single “Einn dans”. And about a month ago he followed that up with a lyric video to his second single “Líður aðeins betur” — a typical Paul Oscar dance number with club banger quality.

Paul Oscar – Líður aðeins betur

After the very long tease, the album dropped on 11 August — both on Spotify and in actual CD form.

But he had one more very special touch up his sleeve. As promised ahead of the album’s release, Paul personally delivered the album to everyone who ordered in advance via the Icelandic online store Heimkaup. Icelanders snapped up around 1,100 copies.

But that didn’t stop Paul from sticking to his promise. In the beginning of August he went on a trip around the country and knocked on the door of every single person who had bought his album. We hope his hands aren’t too sore after that!

Paul is a multitalented artist and that really shows in the making of the album. He wrote the lyrics to all of the songs — except for the last one — either alone or in a collaboration with others. He also co-wrote most of the songs. Among his co-writers are the famed production team Stop Wait Go, the makers of Iceland’s Eurovision entry from 2015.

Paul Oscar – Kristalsplatan


There’s only one way to celebrate your 25th anniversary in the music business: Throwing an over-the-top, sequin-slicked extravaganza.

Paul’s tribute concert will take place on 16 September and will, in his words, be “one big extravaganza with all the glitter you could ask for.”

Paul will be accompanied on stage by a five-member band and a group of dancers. He’ll perform all of his best and most popular songs from 1991-2017. A stage has been custom-built inside the venue — Laugardalshöllin — where Paul and company will, among other things, recreate his epic Eurovision performance from 1997.

If you happen to be in Iceland in September and want to shake your booty to Paul’s greatest hits, you can buy tickets for the show here.

Reunion with Frank-N-Furter

Think that an album release and organising one of the biggest concerts held by an Icelandic artist ever isn’t time-consuming enough? Think twice!

Pushing Average Joe to the side, he’s also announced that he’ll release his album with a brand new single. And that he’ll renew his relationship with one of musical theater’s most daring characters: Rocky Horror’s Frank-N-Furter.

In an interview with RÚV Paul speaks about his forthcoming acting gig, saying he’s “really excited to meet Frank-N-Furter again”. What excites him most is the fact that while some of the most powerful men in the world are using fear and prejudice against certain groups, including the LGBTQ community, Rocky Horror plays an important role for the acceptance of people who might not fit into the ‘box’.

It might not be a well-known fact outside of Iceland, but it was with the help of aforementioned Frank-N-Furter that Paul Oscar first emerged into the spotlight in Iceland. Back in 1991, when Paul was only 21 years old, he played the part in a school production of the famous musical Rocky Horror. That school production is still one of the most popular productions put on stage by an amateur theatre group in Iceland to date.

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Michel Sennett
Michel Sennett
6 years ago

I LOVE his siver and gray hair today! DON*T touch any hair dye Paul! LOL

6 years ago

The first ever Eurovision “I’m gay and I’m gonna rub it in your conservative 90s faces” contestant ever … except that his musical effort did not pay off … it took a transsexual the following year to shake this whole thing up … aided by televoters far more fascinated by the character than by the song. But yeah televoters in Eurovision are the most valid music lovers ever … even when they don’t care for music. Did I say something uncomfortable?