The Humans Goodbye lyrics Eurovision Romania 2018

On 25 February, The Humans won Selectia Nationala 2018 with the song “Goodbye”. The six-piece band will now go on to represent Romania at Eurovision in Lisbon. They hope to convey a message of hope to all those who battle depression and negative thoughts. Check out the Goodbye lyrics below!

“Goodbye” was inspired by the band members’ personal life experiences. The song is a manifest towards helping those in need who fight their demons alone, in the dark. We are becoming more and more dehumanized and self-centered, turning a blind eye to the ones around us, while we should reach out and rescue our kind.

The Goodbye lyrics were written by The Humans singer Cristina Caramarcu. They speak of someone’s despair and wish “to kiss the emptiness” and bid the world goodbye. However, in the latter part of the song, the lyrics take a positive turn, as a different voice brings hope, showcasing “the beauty of the precious gifts we have”.

“Goodbye” – The Humans

Goodbye lyrics – The Humans

It’s time
For me to say goodbye
It’s fine
I’ve tried a million times
To kiss
The emptiness
And make her mine
I should’ve stayed
But I already left a thousand times
I’ve won my fights
Nobody knew nothin’ about
All alone
Trapped in a void
Can’t see the light
Why don’t you see the beauty
That surrounds you everywhere
Why can’t you feel the joy
In all the small things people share
And all the happiness
That by the way is all for free
Open your heart
Recieve the love and stay with me
Don’t be afraid
I hear your cry
Don’t cry
We should all see the beauty
Of the precious gifts we have
‘Cause everyone deserves
The power to go straight ahead
Never give up, don’t hit the floor
Don’t trust in all the lies
No matter what the odds will bring you
Please don’t say goodbye