They were the last Azeri act to qualify for the Eurovision grand final in 2017. Azerbaijan’s Dihaj used the experience to win over tens of thousands of new followers from Baku and beyond. Following their Eurovision performance, they won the Vision Music Award 2017 for Most Memorable Staging and lead singer Diana Hajiyeva made the shortlist for Eurovision’s Best Dressed act. Their debut album “The End Of Sunrise” took fans by surprise. The outcome of this was them gigging in new territories. This time round, they’ve returned to their roots by re-interpreting a popular Azeri song, “Deshti Tesnifi“. Press play and experience the magic!

“Deshti Tesnifi” — Dihaj

The song has an ethereal feel to it, capturing the folk elements of the original piece. However, Dihaj’s signature electronic and experimental touches are equally prevalent. They stick true to their highly successful formula while also allowing the original flavour of the song to shine through. The production is slick and polished and Dihaj certainly take the listener on an audio journey.

While the song may be very different to “Skeletons”, Eurovision fans will certainly find hints of Dihaj’s style. Beyond the experimental musicality is an artistic look and design to the video. The package feels avant garde and on trend.

Speaking exclusively to wiwibloggs, Dihaj tells us more:

“”Deshti Tesnifi” is a beautiful and psychologically immersive melody written by my people. I’m now happy that it has taken me enough courage to produce it, and to now release it. A big thank you to all my Eurovision fans for being with me and journeying with my experiments. I appreciate it!”

Are you loving Dihaj’s new music? Do you like her singing in Azeri? What do you hope to see from them next? Let us know in the comments box below. 

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5 years ago

Dihaj has earned all my admiration. She’s amazingly talented. She deserves the best.

Rashad Guliyev
Rashad Guliyev
5 years ago

DiHaj is really cool. She needs to keep making more music. I love her covers too. She’s not a typical Eurovision singer, but she definitely gained a lot more fans through the contest.
By the way, Aisel also released a very good song not long ago. I don’t think Wiwibloggs posted anything about it, but worth a listen. It’s more of her style this time, because she wrote it herself. Sounds much better than X My Heart, definitely a top 10 material if not top 3.