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Summer is always the quiet period for Eurovision fans as we wait for national finals to start once again. Thankfully, the music will always continue and a number of past Eurovision artists are still producing new songs for us to enjoy.

Contrary to the commonly perpetuated myth about the song contest killing careers, we’re always thrilled to report that singers and performers associated with both Eurovision itself and the various national selections are thriving.

Here is a selection of just some of the songs and music videos released in the last week or so.

New music from Eurovision artists: 2020 | Week 31 Part 1

Dan Balan and Tina Karol – “Помнишь”

Officially they’re just colleagues on The Voice Ukraine. But the media in Ukraine and beyond is convinced that Tina Karol and Dan Balan are more than work friends. And the superstar paring certainly added fuel to the speculation when they performed their new collaboration “Помнишь” on The Voice earlier this summer. Due to Covid-19, both coaches were quarantining — together. This enabled them to deliver an intimate performance of the gentle ballad, with both Ukraine’s 2006 singer and the former O-Zone frontman gathered around a candlelit piano.

Sertab Erener – “Farzet”

Sertab dropped a new album in June and has already released several of the tracks as singles. The latest to get a standalone lyric video is “Farzet”. Despite its vivid instrumentation, the track is somewhat melancholic. The Eurovision 2003 winner asks the song’s subject to consider what might have happened if they had never met and what if they hadn’t done all the things which ensued from that fateful event.

Connect-R – “Am Sosul Ala”

Back at Eurovision 2006 when Natalia Gordienko sang “Loca”, she was joined by the Romanian rapper Connect-R. The busy MC recently released his new single “Am Sosul Ala”. It’s a far cry from the simple rap of “Loca”, with Connect-Ra now tapping into the contemporary trap sound (skrrt skrrt!), delivering a heavy, moody track. It’s proving to be a popular release, with the video having picked up almost one million views in less than a month. Fans of Connect-R are in for a treat, with the rapper also teasing upcoming release “De Vorba cu Mine”. (Robyn)

Fernando Daniel – “Nada A Perder”

Festival da Canção 2017 may have been all about Salvador Sobral. But the Eurovision winner wasn’t the only star to emerge from that year’s Portuguese selection. Fifth place finisher Fernando Daniel has enjoyed several hit singles and a number one album. His sophomore LP, Presente, landed in early July with the record’s final single “Nada A Perder” coming soon after. Translating as “Nothing To Lose”, the high-concept music video sees a heavily battered and bruised Fernando get progressively better as he stumbles through the nighttime streets.

Duguneh & Mohombi (ft. Sha) – “Take Back Your Life”

Swedish-Congolese singer Mohombi recently moved back to The Democratic Republic of Congo to pursue the next chapter of his musical journey. And now, the three-time Melodifestivalen star has teamed up with Dutch-Gambian DJ Duguneh on the new song “Take Back Your Life”. Also featuring Sha, the track is an upbeat summer anthem with numerous musical influences from Mohombi and Duguneh’s African roots. On the message behind the song, Duguneh notes in the lyric video’s description: “Nothing has the power to bring the world together like music does. We made this song to remind people to embrace the good in life and celebrate it”. (Jonathan)

Oscar Enestad – “16 år”

Oscar Enestad’s second single in as many months is “16 år”. The two-time Melfest star explains the meaning behind the nostalgic tune: “A song about how you looked at the world with younger eyes and where boundaries never existed. The end of every summer always felt like the end of a book. Where all brilliance loses its lustre when new friends run out and love dies out. Empty promises but strong words. “We will do this again!” That’s what “16 years” is all about”.

Mumiy Troll – “Тот День Когда”

Russian band Mumiy Troll are set to release their new album this December. Before then, the Eurovision 2001 stars have dropped the latest single from the LP, “Тот День Когда” (“That Day When”). This latest single is a slow soft-rock song that mixes guitar and piano instrumentation. It’s set to be the closing song to their upcoming album После Зла (After Evil). (Jonathan)

Markus Riva – “Vēl pēdējo reiz”

Markus Riva has gone bilingual for his new single, releasing it in both Latvian and Russian — “Vēl pēdējo reiz” and “Белые ночи” respectively. Translating to “White Nights”, the single is a moody electro track and it’s definitely more danceable than his most recent Supernova effort. So, it’s appropriate that Markus has launched a competition for newlyweds to dance to it during their festivities. Full details can be found on his Instagram.

Sergej Ćetković – “Vratile se ptice”

Sergej Ćetković is the accomplished Balkan balladeer who brought Montenegro to its first-ever grand final as an independent nation back in 2014. Sergej has made his name in the genre, so why fix what’s not broken? “Vratile se ptice” sees the crooner sing of a lost love. It’s summer once more, the birds, fish and sunshine have all returned but not the object of Sergej’s desire. While the lyrics don’t clarify where his lady friend has gone, the music video suggests that she spends her days frolicking in fields of lavender.

Kejsi Tola – “Always Remember Us This Way”

Eurovision fans will remember her for her loud and brash “Carry Me In Your Dreams” performance from 2009. But Kejsi Tola is slowing things down for her cover of Lady Gaga’s “Always Remember Us This Way” from A Star Is Born. Kejsi puts her own spin on the movie favourite, including adding in some quintessential Albanian electric guitars. The cover and music video is part of a campaign to promote Tirana and the natural beauty which surrounds the city. Eneda Tarifa covered Pink Floyd as part of the same project.

Assol feat. Shatyrko – “Пуля”

“Пуля” or “Pulya” is Assol’s second single of the summer. This time the Vidbir 2020 semi-finalist is collaborating with Shatyrko. Translating as “Bullet”, here’s what Shatyrko has to say on the project: “This is my first song that I have on repeat for 500 times, even before its release 🔥 I really appreciate every note, every chord of everything that we have done with Katya! 🚀 I’m a fan of this track, every note, chord”.

BQL – “Na Frišno”

They’re the pop duo that finished second in EMA in both 2017 and 2018. Of course, both BQL’s efforts were immensely popular, particularly “Heart Of Gold”. And the guys have retained their fanbase and are currently responsible for one of the big hits in Slovenia this summer – “Na Frišno”. It has over 1.25 million views since May, which equals approximately half the country’s population. The sunny smash is produced by their long time collaborator RAAY, one half of Maraaya.

Miro – “Огън”

In the description of the audio video for Miro’s latest single, the Eurovision 2010 alum notes that the song came to him in a dream while he was in the Arctic Circle. However, considering the song is titled “Огън” (“Fire”), it seems that the Bulgarian singer wasn’t dreaming about the icy landscape around him. Instead, backed by an alt-pop beat, Miro sings about the flame that is burning within: “Fire, you wake me / And I don’t want to sleep / Fire, you set me on fire / I don’t get burned by it”. (Jonathan)

Aimée – “Naked”

Aimée Fitzpatrick has come a long way from her second-place finish in Ireland’s Eurosong 2013. She’s fast becoming one of the country’s rising stars and recently featured alongside the likes of Una Healy and Imelda May on the Irish Women In Harmony charity track which topped the homegrown charts. Earlier this week Aimée released “Naked”. “You can spend hours in a day getting ready, trying to put on a mask and strive for beauty & perfection. But nothing can look as beautiful as person with a beautiful heart”, the singer writes on Instagram. “Your true beauty lies within you. Remove all the bullshit and let it shine through 🤍 Don’t ever strive for perfection because it doesn’t exist. Instead strive for inner peace and acceptance that you are YOU and you are exactly where you’re supposed to be 🤍”.

KaYra – “Nuogi”

She won over legions of fans with the quirky “Alligator” in Lithuania’s 2020 national final. But KaYra is doing things differently for her follow-up single “Nuogi” (Naked). This is a more intimate, vulnerable number. The songstress describes it as “very sensitive, about what is very real
with us”. The black and white music video is sparse but effective. We see KaYra adrift atop an air mattress in the middle of a large and lonely lake with nothing save a duvet and some pillows. It’s a scenario that’s simultaneously comforting and precarious. And just like “Alligator”, there are a lot of layers to peel.

Nika Turković – “gledaj me”

Nika Turković represented Croatia at the second-ever Junior Eurovision in 2004. She placed third with “Hej mali”. She did a little more performing immediately after the contest, but she soon left showbiz behind to focus on academics. After almost a decade and a half away from the limelight, Nika dropped “U mraku” in 2019 and it quickly became a top 20 smash in the charts. “gledaj me” is her third single since her comeback, and it too has all the makings of a hit. Translating to “Watch Me” the cool pop track is an anthem for girl power.

ela. feat. Ali As – “LALALA”

“LALALA” is the new single from ela. – the former frontwoman of Germany’s 2014 group Elaza. At Eurovision, she indecisively mulled over right and wrong. But the peroxide haired singer no longer has such worries. Instead, she sings of how nothing can keep her down or spoil her day. And she’ll just go: “LALALALALALALALALALALALALALALALA”. This attitude results in a ridiculously catchy hook.

Azúcar Moreno – “La cura”

They’re the flamenco-inspired pop duo that were among the favourites to win Eurovision 1990. And while Azúcar Moreno had to make do with fifth, they’re still going strong today. “La cura” is the fifth cut from their upcoming album El Secreto, following singles like “Soy yo” and “Pa’ fuera”. The sisters, Toñi and Encarna, explain their song’s mission: “We have THE CURE for all ailments and pains 💊 Music cures everything”.

Jalisse feat. Teodasia – “Non Aver Paura di Chiamarlo Amore”

They’re the husband-wife duo that finished fourth at Eurovision 1997 with the timeless “Fiumi di parole”. Now, Italy’s Jalisse have teamed up with rockers Teodasia for “Non Aver Paura di Chiamarlo Amore” — a track that’s distincly edgier than their typical fare. “The song released in the lockdown period has become a flag for courage to love without restrictions and without fears and respect for beings totally immersed in nature”, say the pair. “The eternity of love is in the water, in the process of freezing and thawing, as in life: nothing ends, indeed, everything is regenerated”.

Evelina Sašenko – “Tobulas rytas”

Evelina Sašenko took Lithuania to the Eurovision final almost a decade ago with the Disney-esque “C’est Ma Vie”. Her music has evolved somewhat since then, although she’s still embracing retro sounds. “Tobulas rytas” (Perfect Morning) is a big band throwback with delicious instrumentation, including some snazzy sax. “I hope it will wake you up and give you a good mood and energy for the whole day”, says Evelina.

Which of these new songs is your favourite? Have we missed out on any? Do you have any artists you want to shout out to? Let us know in the comments.

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Gábor Mizák
Gábor Mizák
3 years ago

Kállay Saunders ft. Zubi, Alex Torres, anatu – She Never Noticed.

It's me
It's me
3 years ago

Off topic but yesterday Macedonia announced that they will not participate in Junior Eurovision song contest because of Covid 19.