Summer is always the quiet period for Eurovision fans as we wait for national finals to start once again. Thankfully, the music will always continue and a number of past Eurovision artists are still producing new songs for us to enjoy.

Contrary to the commonly perpetuated myth about the song contest killing careers, we’re always thrilled to report that singers and performers associated with both Eurovision itself and the various national selections are thriving.

Here is a selection of just some of the songs and music videos released in the last week or so.

New music from Eurovision artists: 2020 | Week 33

DAVA (feat. Philipp Kirkorov) – “Ролекс”

Philipp Kirkorov has had a long established career since representing Russia at Eurovision 1995. Despite having a loyal fan base that have followed him throughout the decades, in recent years the star has aimed to show that he is still capable of reinventing himself and appealing to a younger audience. And now, Kirkorov has collaborated with Russian vlogger and artist DAVA on the song “Ролекс” (“Rolex”). The two stars rap about their wealth: “Rollie on the arm / I’m not expecting an RFP / Rollie, Rollie on your arm / Cash on hand”. As you might expect, the accompanying music video features a lot of Rolex merchandise.

MANTRA and Edurne – “Prefiero Olvidarte”

Two months after the release of her latest album, Spain’s Eurovision 2015 star Edurne has teamed up with Spanish group MANTRA for the new single “Prefiero Olvidarte” (“I Prefer to Forget You”). It’s a mid-tempo Latin-pop song that captures the end of summer feeling. The lyrics see the four singers trying to forget their ex-partner who has moved on to someone else: “I prefer to forget you / To never have been able to kiss you / Because even if it was just an instant / I can remember how he knows to love you”. The track was written earlier this year while the artists were in COVID-19 lockdown, but following the easing of the rules they were able to travel to Ibiza in order to shoot the music video.

Elena Temnikova – “Как на фантиках Love Is”

Elena Temnikova has had a truly successful solo career since leaving girl-group Serebro, Russia’s Eurovision 2007 act. Her new song is “Как на фантиках Love Is” (“Like on candy wrappers Love Is”). It’s a dark dance-pop song that Temniokova says she’s been working on since early January 2020: “We are satisfied with her one hundred percent out of a hundred. But this is the third or even the fourth version”.

Cleo and Dawid Kwiatkowski – “Bratnie Dusze”

“It’s best to listen to a light, pleasant and positive recording with a group of real friends” – that’s the note in the description of the music video for Cleo’s new single “Bratnie Dusze” (“Soul Mates”). And indeed, the song is upbeat, happy and destined to put a smile on the listener’s face. The Eurovision 2014 alum is joined by fellow Polish singer Dawid Kwiatkowski on the recording – both artists are judges on The Voice Kids Poland. Lyrically, the duo sing about their friendship and how this bond makes them better people: “I’m fine with you / Better in this world with you / Because I can be myself in it”. The accompanying music video sees Cleo and Dawid having fun at an indoor go-kart track.

Those who want even more music from Cleo won’t have long to wait. The Polish star is set to release her new album superNOVA on 18 September, with another album vinyLOVA (that “Bratnie Dusze” will be included on) coming on 18 March 2021.

ByeAlex és a Slepp – “Emlékszem (vagy…)”

Hungary’s ByeAlex continues to perform with his band és a Slepp, and the group have recently released the new song “Emlékszem (vagy…)” (“I remember (or…)”). It’s a solid pop-rock song and the Eurovision 2013 alum notes that the track is a demonstration of  the band’s bond: “I found these people. Them. Who are my friends. … They always stood by me, never let me down and had no doubts in me for a minute. The new song [is] the imprint of our friendship, of our past years … We have seen everything together”. The accompanying music video features the five band members laying amongst a group of women before they perform the song within an enthusiastic crowd.

A second version of the song, featuring A Dal 2019 participants USNK, has also been released.

Anna Bergendahl – “Thelma and Louise”

After placing third at Melodifestivalen 2020, Anna Bergendahl has finally released her “Kingdom Come” follow-up single. “Thelma and Louise” uses a deft blend of country and pop music, creating a modern folk anthem. The song takes inspiration from the 1991 feminist outlaw film Thelma & Louise, with Anna telling her partner in crime “Let’s give them one hell of a story”. It’s a a wild ride and brings an epic sound — we hope Anna has the opportunity to perform it live soon! (Robyn)

Natasha St-Pier – Croire

Natasha St-Pier released her twelfth studio album this week. Titled Croire (Believe), it features twelve songs including recent singles “Viens sois ma lumière” and “Mon coeur sera ton coeur”. The Canadian singer, who represented France at Eurovision 2001, has delved into her Christianity faith for the LP, with many of the songs revolving around a religious theme. In addition to the album’s release, St-Pier has also released the music video for her most recent single “Sancta Maria”.

ZiBBZ (feat. Drew Cole) – “Will Flowers Grow?”

Last year, ZiBBZ vocalist Coco gave birth to her son Bowie. In the months since then, she’s naturally been thinking about what sort of world she would like her child to grow up in. That’s the theme of the Swiss band’s latest single, “Will Flowers Grow?”. The Eurovision 2018 alumni have teamed up with American singer Drew Cole for this indie track that builds to a soulful climax. In the short music video for the first half of the song, ZiBBZ asked a number of children to draw what they think their future will hold: “This song is for every one of us, to think about what kind of future we wanna create for our kids, cause the world we create today is THEIR tomorrow!”

Margaret (feat. Otsochodzi) – “Reksiu”

Krajowe Eliminacje 2016 fan-favourite Margaret is developing her Polish music career with the new single “Reksiu”. Featuring rapper Otsochodzi, the track continues Margaret’s journey towards more of a hip-hop sound. The title and lyrics of the song refer to Reksio, a Polish cartoon dog that was popular on TV from 1967 to 1990: “I want a simple country life like Reksiu had / A small kennel, but own and no stress / I practice my form but I do it without sweatpants / I highly recommend sex over fitness”. This theme of carefree rural living is also shown in the music video, with Margaret enjoying life in a caravan situated in the woods alongside a number of terrier dogs of her own.

Damien (feat. María Escarmiento) – “Dive”

María Escarmiento came close to representing Spain at Eurovision 2019 with her song “Muérdeme”. She’s now teamed up with fellow Operación Triunfo contestant Damien for the saucy, summery dance song “Dive”. While it has an alternative R&B style and sounds more American than Spanish, the song perhaps comes closest to capturing the spirit that made “Muérdeme” so popular. The video comes with a gleefully low-budget music video that features a pool party, cars and people not wearing many clothes. (Robyn)

ZYNN (feat. Hanna Ferm) – “Tell It To My Heart”

Hanna Ferm finished in third and fourth place at Melodifestivalen 2018 and 2019 respectively. While we wait to see if she’ll return to the contest for a third time, the Swedish star has teamed up with producer ZYNN for the single “Tell It To My Heart”. It’s a cover of the 1987 song of the same name, originally performed by American singer Taylor Dayne. Although 80s-inspired synth-pop is popular in the music industry at the moment, ZYNN and Ferm’s rendition stays clear of that and has more of a 2010’s production style to it, including a post-chorus drop.

Monique – “Jauni”

“Jauni” is the third entry in Monique’s trilogy of summer singles, with the other two being “L.A.” and “Viskas per tave”. The music video to this easy-going track sees Monique and her lover living the simple life while holidaying with their emotion. They set up camp on a picturesque shore and enjoy being young — which is appropriate given that’s what the song title translates to. (Padraig)

Twelve (feat. My Marianne) – “I Think She Knows (Interlude)”

She gained international attention as My Marianne, and now Molly Sandén has retained the moniker for her first release post Eurovision Song Contest: The Story of Fire Saga. “I Think She Knows (Interlude)” — a collaboration with Twelve — is a reworking of the piece which formed part of Justin Timberlake’s 2006 single “Lovestoned” . Molly writes: “I’m so happy to feature this cover of one of my favorite songs of all time – Lovestoned Outro”. (Padraig)

Olga Lounová – “Cyklista”

Just weeks after her collaboration with fellow Eurovision Song CZ 2020 contestant Elis Mraz, Olga Lounová has released the music video for yet another summery bop — “Cyklista” (Cyclist). The carefree video sees Olga cycling around Santa Monica and Venice Beach, as she sings about the joys of life when you keep moving. The song, originally from her 2018 album Hudba A Já, is for “all lovers of bicycles, scooters, riding and life on wheels”. (Padraig)

Laura Bretan – “Adagio”

Laura Bretan has covered multiple ageless classics since “Dear Father”, including “Amazing Grace” and “Pie Jesu”. However, her new single is a bit more contemporary. It’s a cover once again, but of Lara Fabian’s 1999 hit “Adagio”. The track gives Laura room to show off her pop vocals before going full-on soprano for the song’s dramatic conclusion. (Padraig)

Molly Hammar (feat. Julie Bergan and Awa) – “Get To Know Me First”

Melodifestivalen regular (and Ira Losco’s backing singer at Eurovision 2016) Molly Hammar has the breezy “Get To Know Me First”. Co-written by Benjamin Ingrosso, it’s a gentle and romantic (but still danceable) song, that’s all about letting a relationship develop, rather than diving right in. Molly is joined fellow Swede Awa and the Norwegian singer Julie Bergen (MGP 2013). The song comes with a socially distant music video that celebrates ladies being single and free. (Robyn)

ILIRA – “Easy”

She’s the Swiss 2011 national finalist that’s actually not fond of Eurovision at all. And while ILIRA’sattitude towards our favourite song contest may not be popular, her talent for creating earworms is undeniable. “Easy” isn’t as grand as the massive pop tune that was “Royalty”. Instead, it adopts a more chilled out sound as ILIRA sings about how things become easy once you find the right person. (Padraig)

Linda Bengtzing – “Äntligen”

The latest song from seven-time Melodifestivalen participant Linda Bengtzing is “Äntligen” (“Finally”). A cover of the song by Swedish singer Marie Fredriksson, Bengtzing puts her own spin on the track. The music video features shots of the Melfest alum by a lake, as well as performing the song for a small crowd in the rain.

Jaguar Jonze – “Toxic”

Jaguar Jonze released a six-track EP of original music earlier this year. But for her latest single the Australia Decides 2020 singer has opted to cover Britney Spears’ 2000s smash “Toxic”. She explains her decision in a lengthy but important Instagram post:

“I often take to songwriting as an outlet for all my emotions, but after an overwhelming few weeks being on the frontline of the recent #metoo movement alongside @sheisaphrodite in the Australian music industry, sometimes it’s all too much to sit down and pen your own song. Sometimes, singing a cover in your own way is the best catharsis.

After receiving more than 400 stories of people with their own individual sexual harassment/assault stories in my inbox, talking to media to represent the many voices that often feel scared and silenced, and doing my best to do what I can within the strict limitations of defamation laws in Australia, I just felt sick to my stomach. I knew what that feeling was because I had felt it all too often before – toxic. And so, in light of the recent discussions around a certain US record label and #FreeBritney it reminded me of my favourite pop song.

As a child, I completely missed the message and tone of what the song actually was and, revisiting it as an adult, I wanted my cover to draw out how my understanding of the song has changed. This is my ode to all the people who stood up alongside me these last few weeks against toxic masculinity, toxic relationships and toxic environments in the music industry. We hear you, we see you and time is up”.


KAZKA — “Пісня Сміливих Дівчат”

It’s taken about a year, but Ukraine’s KAZKA have finally gotten around to releasing a music video for their 2019 release “Пісня Сміливих Дівчат” (“Song Of The Brave Girls”). “This clip is the result of a collaboration with the famous British Pulse Production, and was led by the creative team of Savannah Seten, the same director who subtly felt and revealed the theme of the song, which unites all women, regardless of skin color and religion”, write the Vidbir regulars. The Dubai filmed video “carries  important messages and outlines the path of a strong-willed and steadfast man – a woman!”. (Padraig)

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