launches new short film series Music First, exploring the creative process behind this years Eurovision songs

We’re all aboard the hype train as we gear up for Rotterdam. And now, is giving us more content to feast on as we await patiently for Eurovision 2021 to grace our screens. The new short film series Music First will explore the creative process behind all the songs in this year’s Eurovision Song Contest.

As fans know, there’s much more to Eurovision than the pyrotechnics, fabulous costumes and heaps of glitter we see on stage. “You might be ready to learn the dance moves and second guess the staging, but we’re stripping back the entries to their beginnings,” the Eurovision team said. Music First will give fans a closer look at the origin story of all 39 songs competing in Eurovision 2021. launches Music First short film series

The new series is inspired by Duncan Laurence’s victory speech following his win at Eurovision 2019. “This is to music first, always,” the Dutch superstar proclaimed as he raised the crystal microphone trophy.

The debut episode of Music First focuses on Austria’s Vincent Bueno, who revealed that recording “Amen” was more difficult than he imagined:

“Getting a flight to the studio early in the morning and then having to try and hit the ‘Amen’ high note was funniest to me; it became a running joke because sometimes it came out like Tarzan: Aa-AaaAaaaAa-men!”

As well, the team teased upcoming videos featuring other Eurovision 2021 stars. In a future upload, Switzerland’s Gjon’s Tears explores the meaning of the “Tout l’univers” lyrics:

“This song is definitely emotional and epic, and I’d say deep. Deep because the themes I explore are really important to me and that depth is so important to me.”

Meanwhile, Spain’s Blas Cantó will discuss the emotional significance of taking “Voy a quedarme” to Eurovision:

“Whatever happens, I know that this is the most beautiful tribute I could have created for her.”

Between now and the song contest in May, the official Eurovision YouTube channel will premier a new episode of Music First. So stay tuned to find out more about your favourite Eurovision 2021 artists and songs!

What do you think? Are you excited to watch the Music First short films? Whose episode are you most looking forward to? Let us know in the comments below. 

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1 year ago

I don´t get that what Vincent get about this song. So forgettable.

Last edited 1 year ago by pasi
1 year ago

This year there are lot of series: “music first”, “how to”, “get to know”; I hope they manage to make a video for each nation in time for Eurovision’s week, considering how confusing they were with “how to”