Summer is always the quiet period for Eurovision fans as we wait for national finals to start once again. Thankfully, the music will always continue and a number of Eurovision artists are still producing new songs for us to enjoy.

Contrary to the commonly perpetuated myth about the song contest killing careers, we’re always thrilled to report that singers associated with Eurovision are thriving.

Here is our latest weekly roundup with a selection of just some of the songs and music videos released recently by Eurovision stars.

New music from Eurovision artists: 2022 | Week 30

Ochman feat. Opał & @atutowy – “Bittersweet”

After heading down to the river at Eurovision 2022, Ochman continues the water theme by singing about “sweet rain” in his new single. Collaborating with rapper Opał and producer @atutowy, “Bittersweet” sees the Polish singer hoping his sorrows are cleansed, while also realising no one will help you better than you yourself: “Sweet rain, sweet rain / Has poured all over, cleansed me from the pain, no pain / Relax with me and sit with me in the rain sweet rain”. In a long comment underneath the surrealism-inspired music video, Ochaman discusses why the song progresses in the way it does:

“The beat starts us off bitter along with Opał’s verse. I come in halfway through making the song more melodic and a bit sweeter. Rain is bothersome, nostalgic, and at the same time bringing a sort of peacefulness and thus being bittersweet in general. The auto tune follows the rain, coming and going in waves every few bars. Opał raps about what might scare us. I sing about accepting what’s been. To clean our heads from chaos. The cuss at the end is to further the point that the first step is accepting things as they really are.”

Anxhela Peristeri, Capital T & Mandi – “Habibi”

Albania’s Eurovision 2021 star Anxhela Peristeri has released “Habibi” alongside Capital T and Mandi. The trio deliver a catchy track to keep the summer spirit going. In addition to the third verse, Peristeri also sings the pre-chorus: “You want me to see you, see you, see you, like a little, a little, a little / I can’t follow you away / Yes, I want to see you, no, no, just a little, a little, a little / I can’t take it for you with myself”.

Kings & Trannos feat. Eleni Foureira – “Madame”

Greek performers Kings and Trannos released “Madame” a few months ago to much acclaim. For their performance at June’s MAD VMA Awards 2022, they brought Eurovision 2018 runner-up Eleni Foureira on stage as a special guest. Now, they’ve officially released the song with Eleni’s contribution for us all to add to our playlists.

Ben Cristovao feat. Rytmus – “MULTIVERSE”

Set your alarms for 19:00 CEST Sunday 31 July – that’s when Ben Cristovao’s new music video will premiere. “MULTIVERSE” comes from the Czech rapper’s recent album PROTENKONTRAST. The song taps into the hip hop side of the Eurovision 2021 star’s music and also features a verse from Slovak rapper Rytmus.

Zlata Ognevich – “Світло”

Eurovision 2013 bronze medallist Zlata Ognevich is shining a “Світло” (“Light”) on the work performed by the State Emergency Service of Ukraine. The group battles blazes, dismantles rubble, and aids those who have been impacted by missile attacks during the current war. Zlata delivers a soulful track with choir backing and sings about the hope that the Emergency Service’s light can bring: “The light will remind us what will happen tomorrow / Light will remind, heal wounds / The light will remind us what is with us / It will be true”.

Conchita Wurst – “Erstmal Pause”

And relax. Conchita Wurst is recommending we all take a moment to chill and recuperate: “First, take a break / Because it’s worth it / Fall and rise / Sometimes like this; sometimes like that”. As you might have guessed from the title, “Erstaml Pause” (“First, take a break”), Austria’s Eurovision 2014 champion sings in German. For the accompanying music video, Wurst enjoys a meal with friends. In a press release, the Eurovision star explains just why he needs to take this break:

“My team and I have already been working constantly during the pandemic, and the last few weeks we’ve been on the road virtually non-stop. Now we are happy that we can take a month off in the summer so that we can start again with fresh energy in the autumn.”

Shiri Maimon – “בא מזמן לזמן”

Shiri Maimon’s new single is the orchestral ballad “בא מזמן לזמן” (“Comes from Time to Time”). The Eurovision 2005 star begins by singing alongside a piano. Strings are then added into the mixture along with an oboe and French horn, creating a rich sound to accompany Maimon’s emotive vocals. Lyrically, the Israeli singer opens up about the highs and lows she experiences in life: “And sometimes it’s good for me / It’s temporary so come on / And the truth is that it comes from time to time / And it’s a bit difficult for me”. On social media, Maimon discussed how the song fit into her current frame of mind:

“A new song that has been sitting in my drawer for over two years and is just waiting with trembling to be released to the world. And this is exactly the perfect timing. It’s no secret that turning 40 brings mostly good things: insights, proportions, completion, a healthier perspective, and I swear – I’ve never felt better about myself. So accept me a little more exposed, a lot more whole.”

Vaidas Baumila & Paulina Paukštaitytė – “Įsimylėjau”

There’s a lot of body-on-body connection in the new music video from Lithuania’s Vaidas Baumila and Paulina Paukštaitytė. It’s a very wholesome connection, with the pair hugging one another for a good proportion of “Įsimylėjau” (“I fell in love”). Accompanied by gentle acoustic guitar and other percussion, Paulina and Eurovision 2015 star Vaidas share their emotional attachment. The song features in the new film Savas, svetimas, mylimas (Own, stranger, beloved).

Cláudia Pascoal – “Eh Para a Frente, Eh Para trás”

Advice from family members can stick with us for a lifetime. That’s certainly the case for Portugal’s Cláudia Pascoal, who to this day is still utilising the guidance her grandmother gave her: “Eat apple, it’s good for you! / Straight back, listen to your mother! / Don’t give up, listen to what I say / Keep going I’ll always be with you”. In addition to the lyrics, this family connection also runs through the music of the Eurovision 2018 star’s new single “Eh Para a Frente, Eh Para trás” (“It’s forward, it’s backwards”). Cláudia explained these links on social media:

“This song is for my Grandma Adelaide. This music is a reflection of my heritage, of the sounds of the countryside that I got used to when I was a little girl, or the times I heard ‘ai girl, you are guichinha’ from my grandmother. It also talks about the constant struggle of wanting to be better, exhaustion, resilience and never actually feeling the ground, and our certainties always moving back and forth.”

Gromee & Wiatr – “Aura”

Gromee’s “Aura” is naturally one of joy and dance. If your own aura aligns with this, then the Polish DJ has just the song for you. The Eurovision 2018 alum has joined forces with Wiatr for this new upbeat single. The accompanying music video shows Wiatr and friends taking a trip into the woods and partying as the sun goes down.

Lake Malawi & Abi F Jones – “Mermaid Surf Club”

Take a dive into Lake Malawi and you might just come across a mermaid. The Czech Republic’s Eurovision 2019 group have teamed up with British singer Abi F Jones for the new single “Mermaid Surf Club”. A chilled pop track, Albert Černý and Abi sing about hitting the waves and enjoying some water sports together: “Why would you ever wanna leave? We can decorate the palm trees / Make it feel like Christmas Eve / Dance with me please beneath the sea”.

Athena Manoukian – “Bom Bom”

“Young powerful girl with riches and stones all she desires is a sincere love” — Athena Manoukian is after the one thing money can’t buy. Armenia’s Eurovision 2020 entrant has given us the Spanglish single “Bom Bom”. The title phrase is used for a repetitive and catchy refrain, while Athena serves the attitude of a sultry señorita. Manoukian discussed the message of the song in a post on Instagram:

“Bom Bom is a song referring to money, love and passion. People mostly think money is everything. But money clearly can’t buy you feelings. Money can’t buy you happinnes or love. Love instead can. Money can’t make your heart go ‘Bom Bom’ but love, can. Riches in life ain’t money. Just follow the sound of your heartbeat. Follow Bom Bom.”

LUM!X – “Club Sound”

Time for a musical interlude. LUM!X is providing us with the sound of our summer club nights courtesy of his new release “Club Sound”. Austria’s Eurovision 2022 DJ has created an EDM/house mix that would fit perfectly into the set of any night out.

Sergio Dalma & La K’onga – “Yo No Te Pido La Luna”

“Yo No Te Pido La Luna” (“I’m not asking you for the moon”) is a song with a long history. First released in Italian by Fiordaliso (finishing fifth in Sanremo 1984), the Spanish version was then released by Mexican singer Daniela Romo. Many artists have covered it over the years, including Eurovision 1991 alum Sergio Dalma. Now, Dalma has collaborated with Argentinian band La K’onga for a new live release of the song. Although more upbeat than Dalma’s initial rendition with a renewed fiesta spirit, the lyrics remain the same: “I’m not asking you for the moon / All I want is to love you / I want to be that madness / That vibrates deep inside of you”.

Friðrik Ómar & Jógvan – “Kannski Finn Ég Ástina”

Eurovision 2008 star Friðrik Ómar is on the search for a romantic partner. Joining him on this quest is fellow Icelandic singer Jógvan. The two are hopeful that “Kannski Finn Ég Ástina” (“Maybe I’ll Find Love”). Their new single is a cheery track that’s given a country twang thanks to the harmonica and percussion accompaniment.

Anna Sahlene & Jimmy Wahlsteen – “Bättre”

Despite failing to win Eesti Laul 2022, Anna Sahlene has shaken off any sorrow and is now feeling “Bättre” (“Better”). One person in particular who will have helped lift the Eurovision 2002 star’s spirits is Anna’s husband Jimmy Wahlsteen. The couple recently celebrated their 12th wedding anniversary and decided to release a song together to commemorate it. “Bättre” is a cover of Tommie Sewón’s “En bättre man” (“A better man”). Jimmy plays the acoustic guitar while Anna sings about the growth they’ve both gone through – together and as individuals.

Intelligent Music Project – Unconditioned

Fans of Intelligent Music Project have a plethora of new songs to dig into. Bulgaria’s Eurovision 2022 band have released their seventh album, titled Unconditioned. Following a musical intro, it features 12 songs, including recent single “New Hero” and an extended version of their Eurovision song “Intention”. The LP concludes with the three-minute and karaoke versions.

Eliot – Where Everything Begins

Eliot is starting at the very beginning – a very good place to start, we must say. Belgium’s Eurovision 2019 act has dropped the new EP Where Everything Begins. It contains four songs and a musical interlude. Whilst Eliot was a young and newly emerging artist at Eurovision, this EP shows a growth not just in music but also in maturity – it all begins with the explicit song “Music in my head”.

Andrea Berg with Johnny Logan, Al Bano & DJ Bobo

German schlager queen Andrea Berg has released her new album Ich würd´s wieder tun (I would do it again). There are a number of duets on the LP and this includes collaborations with not one, not two, but three Eurovision stars. Irish Eurovision winner Johnny Logan sings alongside Berg for the ballad “Never Walk Alone”. Two-time Eurovision act Al Bano gets Andrea to give Italian a go in “Sharazan”. The album finishes on an upbeat note thanks to Switzerland’s Eurovision 2007 act DJ Bobo, who creates a dance set from a number of Andrea’s songs in “Get up and dance – The Hits”.

Dilara Kazimova, Ulker MC Rain, Fidan & Ulviyya – “İsti-isti”

Things are hotting up now we’re well into the summer months. Dilara Kazimova is making the most of the heat by enjoying a girls-only poolside party. Azerbaijan’s Eurovision 2014 representative has teamed up with Ulker MC Rain, Fidan and Ulviyya for the song “İsti-isti” (“Hot-hot”). The quartet serve up an upbeat track that’s primarily rap based — Dilara, Ulker MC Rain and Fidan all deliver their verses as rap — though Ulviyya goes down a softer singing approach for her fourth verse.

Anastasia Prikhodko – “Зозуля”

Anastasia Prikhodko has released the single “Зозуля” (“Cuckoo”). The Eurovision 2009 alumna delivers her take on this Ukrainian folk song, singing passionately about the story of a cuckoo bird.

Nicole – “Ich bin zurück”

“Ich bin zurück” (“I’m back”), exclaims Nicole in her comeback single. Germany’s Eurovision 1982 champion is focusing on herself and pushing forward with the things that are right for her: “I’m back, every moment counts from now on / I’m back, I’m entitled to every happiness / I’m starting over because I want to and because I can”. This message of reincarnation is packaged up in a schlager track that aims to showcase Nicole’s transformation as it moves from verse to chorus.

Jamboree feat. Frans – “In The Future, I Believe”

Jamboree22 is a festival for Sweden’s Guides and Scouts. The scouting festival has a theme song this year – “In The Future, I Believe”. An acoustic guitar driven track, it’s sung by Eurovision 2016 star Frans. In tandem with the scouting values, Frans sings about how we’re able to do things together as we move towards a better future: “You’re my river / You’re my silent stream / Collecting stories in the wild / And where you go, I’ll be right behind”.

Which of these new songs is your favourite? Have we missed out on any? Do you have any artists you want to shout out to? Let us know in the comments.

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1 year ago

This is the rare Lake Malawi track that doesn’t grab me on first listen, but I’ll give it some more spins.

1 year ago

Shiri Maimon‘s song is really beautiful!