Yes that’s right! Whilst the EBU is deciding on which UK city will host Eurovision 2023, it’s time to shake off your Post-Eurovision Depression by heading to The Water Rats in London’s King’s Cross on Saturday 13 August for EuroStarz in Concert 2022. This is a Eurovision party which is bound to get your feet moving.

EuroStarz in Concert 2022

Featuring some of your favourite live acts, this year’s EuroStarz lineup includes Rasmussen who represented Denmark in 2018 with “Higher Ground”, James Fox who represented the United Kingdom in 2004 with “Hold On to Our Love”, Lindsay Dracass who represented the United Kingdom in 2001 with “No Dream Impossible” and Guera who represented Portugal in 2014 as Suzy with “Quero Ser Tua”.

Since 2016, this annual event has featured acts including Valentina Monetta, Krista Siegfrieds, Anne-Marie David, Lindsay M I H A I, Ester Hart, Paula Seling & Ovi and Anjeza Shahini, as well as Eurovision winners Emmelie de Forest and Linda Martin.

EuroStarz in Concert 2022 lineup

Rasmussen will be there to take you to “Higher Ground“. The song remains Denmark’s most recent Top 10 finish at Eurovision, after taking ninth place in Lisbon.

You’ve made it through the COVID-19 pandemic. It calls for an empowerment anthem. Will you be singing “No Dream Impossible” with Lindsay Dracass when she belts it out live?

Hold On to Our Love” for Eurovision as the UK gets set to host the next edition. Eurovision 2004 representative James Fox has been missed, but he will be performing his Eurovision hit on Saturday at EuroStarz.

No Eurovision party is complete without Suzy! She was the very first act to grace the wiwijam stage, and she was born to light up the room (and our hearts). If you’ve never seen her perform before, you mustn’t miss out this time. Grab your tickets!

EuroStarz in Concert 2022 tickets

The fun doesn’t stop with the live acts. DJs will be spinning some of the hottest remixes in between and after the live shows. There will be plenty of entertainment on the night.

To purchase tickets, follow the link here.

But hurry, you don’t want to miss out!

Do you have questions for the Eurostarz in Concert acts? Let us know in the comments section below and we will be sure to deliver them to your favourite stars.