Although we’re officially into the Eurovision 2023 season, it will still be some time before we hear any national final and Eurovision songs. Thankfully, the music will always continue and a number of Eurovision artists are still producing new songs for us to enjoy.

Contrary to the commonly perpetuated myth about the song contest killing careers, we’re always thrilled to report that singers associated with Eurovision are thriving.

Here is our latest weekly roundup with a selection of just some of the songs and music videos released recently by Eurovision stars.

New music from Eurovision artists: 2022 | Week 42 part 1

With so many songs to cover this week, we’ve split this roundup into two bitesize halves. You can find part two by clicking here.

We Are Domi – “Alive”

We Are Domi are encouraging us to live a little. The Czech Republic’s Eurovision 2022 group have dropped the new single “Alive”, which they wrote together when studying at the University of Leeds in the United Kingdom. Like their Eurovision entry, “Alive” is a catchy electropop track that pops in the chorus. In the lyrics, vocalist Dominika tells us to go out and overcome the things that might scare us: “Face your fears / It’s time / To feel alive / Do what makes you feel alive”.

Tokio Hotel feat. Daði Freyr – “Happy People”

German rock band Tokio Hotel have asked Daði Freyr to feature in their new single “Happy People”. Iceland’s Eurovision 2021 star joins from halfway through, contributing one verse and one chorus. Although the title might make you think the song is going to be one filled with joy, the lyrics actually flip the narrative: “Happy people make me sad / If happy people look like that / Dancing to the song I hate / Your smile looks fake / Makes me wanna stay in bed”.

Elhaida Dani – “L’Altra Faccia Della Luna”

In between competing on Dancing with the Stars Albania, Elhaida Dani has also dropped the new single “L’Altra Faccia Della Luna” (“The Other Face Of The Moon”). The Eurovision 2015 star sings in Italian, which is not as surprising when you remember Elhaida won the first season of The Voice Italy. A mid-tempo offering, the Albanian singer’s voice gives it a dreamy quality.

Amanda Tenfjord – In Hindsight

In Hindsight, Amanda Tenfjord has nothing to regret about her strong performance at Eurovision 2022. But, through her debut album the singer reveals some of the things she regrets from other points in her life. The Norwegian-Greek star has added 11 songs (and two interludes) to the LP, including previous singles “Plans”, “I’ll stay”, “AMAN”, “All in” and her Eurovision entry “Die Together”. Overall, the album has a sad overtone to it, but their are glimpses of happiness with a couple of more upbeat songs in the mix.

Montaigne & Ninajirachi – “One Long Firework in the Sky”

Montaigne is hoping to light up the skies with her new single “One Long Firework in the Sky”. The Eurovision 2021 star has collaborated with Australian electronic DJ Ninajirachi for this track and it leans into the hyperpop genre of Montaigne’s recent album. Montaigne sings: “One long firework in the sky / One more flight I got a red eye / One more gin and tonic you buy / One more reason I have to cry”

Waylon – Gewoon Willem

For the first ten years of his career, Waylon concentrated on releasing songs in English. But, recently the two-time Eurovision contestant has begun recording music in his native Dutch. This has now culminated in the 100% Dutch album Gewoon Willem (Just Willem). There are 11 songs on the LP, including previous singles “Spreekuur”, “Het Leven Is Te Kort” and “Tuusen Jou en Mij”. The country influences of Waylon’s music haven’t been removed completely, but this new album gives us another insight into the singer’s evolving style.

Rafał Brzozowski – “W zimnych dłoniach chęć”

Rafał Brzozowski is proving himself to be a man of many musical genres. For his latest single, the Polish singer dives into jazz. “W zimnych dłoniach chęć” (“In cold hands there is desire”) provides a sophisticated sound, with the Eurovision 2021 star singing over piano, saxophone, brass and soft drums.

ETNOZOOM feat. Intars Busulis & KATTIE – “Trīs sidraba upes / Rechanka”

ETNOZOOM is a world music project aiming to create music that blends Latvian folk music with songs of other countries. Eurovision 2009 alum Intars Busulis is the latest Latvian singer to take part in the project, performing extracts from “Trīs sidraba upes” (“Three rivers of silver”). He’s joined by KATTIE from Belarus, and she adds in lines from the Belarussian folk song “Rechanka”.

Kikki Danielsson – “Fem i tolv”

There’s probably a very small chance someone is reading this at exactly “Fem i tolv” (“Five to twelve”). Nevertheless, it’s a notable time in the day for Sweden’s Kikki Danielsson. This latest single continues the two-time Eurovision star’s run of steady country ballads, though there’s an extra identity thanks to its concluding instrumental.

Musiqq – “Bijis, ir un būs”

After releasing an album under their alias Bermudu Divstūris earlier this year, Latvia’s Eurovision 2011 duo have now returned to Musiqq for their latest release. “Bijis, ir un būs” (“Was, is and will be”) is a laidback R&B-pop song. It’s been inspired by the music of acclaimed Latvian rock band Līvi and it samples part of their song “Zīlīte”.

Nicole – Ich bin zurück

Nicole is back with a brand new album. Germany’s Eurovision 1982 winner brings us 14 songs, including the pre-released title track “Ich bin zurück” (“I am back”). The LP features a mixture of brand new songs as well as reworks of Nicole’s previous hits — this includes a new version of her Eurovision winning song “Ein bisschen Frieden”, now with added drum machine beats.

Aurela Gace & Aleksander Gjoka – “Jo Tani”

Eurovision 2011 act Aurela Gace recently released a cover of “Jo Tani” (“Not Now”) alongside fellow Albanian singer Aleksander Gjoka. The song was originally performed by rock band Djemte e Detit. Sadly, the group’s singer, Gent Demaliaj, passed away in 2015 following a serious illness. Gace and Gjoka’s cover acts as a tribute to Demaliaj.

Sandra Kim – “Take me as I am”

Sandra Kim hit the 50th birthday milestone last week. After being in the spotlight ever since winning Eurovision 1986, the Belgian singer has learned that it’s always best to stick true to yourself. Sandra puts this knowledge into her new single “Take me as I am”. A classic upbeat pop track, the Eurovision champion says she won’t be changing for anyone: “I am perfect, I am me / Take me as I am / I’m just doing me / What you get is what you see”.

Isaura – “Viagem”

Isaura has taken inspiration from her Eurovision 2018 co-performer Cláudia Pascoal and decided to die her hair pink. It all forms part of the Portuguese singer’s artistic “Viagem” (“Journey”), which now continues with a new single. Isaura sings to the person she has special feelings for and asks them to remain with her on life’s path: “It’s only you that I love / The air no longer takes me / You are the journey that takes me away”.

Helena Paparizou & Spyros Lambrou children’s choir – “To Fos Stin Psihi – The Light in Our Soul”

“The Light in Our Soul” was Helena Paprizou’s follow-up single after winning Eurovision 2005. To mark World Mental Health Day on 10 October, the singer and UNICEF Greece Goodwill Ambassador has recorded a new version of the song alongside Spyros Lambrou children’s choir. They hope to increase awareness about mental health issues and stop the stigma that many people face when trying to find help. The group recorded two versions of the song – one in a mix of Greek and English, and one completely in Greek.

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Which of these new songs is your favourite? Have we missed out on any? Do you have any artists you want to shout out to? Let us know in the comments.