Although we’re officially into the Eurovision 2023 season, it will still be some time before we hear any national final and Eurovision songs. Thankfully, the music will always continue and a number of Eurovision artists are still producing new songs for us to enjoy.

Contrary to the commonly perpetuated myth about the song contest killing careers, we’re always thrilled to report that singers associated with Eurovision are thriving.

Here is our latest weekly roundup with a selection of just some of the songs and music videos released recently by Eurovision stars.

New music from Eurovision artists: 2022 | Week 46 part 1

With so many songs to cover this week, we’ve split this roundup into two bitesize halves. You can find part two by clicking here.

Note: We’ll be featuring the new festive-themed songs from Fyr Og Flamme, Kalush Orchestra, Subwoolfer and others in a series of separate articles during the run-up to Christmas. 

LOBODA – “Два незнайомці”

Millions of Ukrainians have been separated from their loved ones during the current war. The people they may have been close with are now very distant, but there will certainly be a time when they can be reunited. These changes are captured in LOBODA’s new song “Два незнайомці” (“Two strangers”), where she sings: “Where is our future? And how to forget it? / And we both know what will happen to us / We are in corners, but we are so tightly chained / Now, just us, strangers in the kitchen”. The Eurovision 2009 star discussed the song further on social media:

“Each song has its own story and its own destiny. ‘Два незнайомці’ appeared at a time when life seemed to be a complete ruin. In her I heard a little hope and some light sadness… War has stripped the most painful places and turned those I once considered close to strangers. And many of those who were strangers yesterday became part of my life. Love is the only thing left to hope for in a world full of evil. And may your loved ones never become strangers.”

Diodato – “Se mi vuoi”

Diodato is hitting the big screen. The Italian star appears on the soundtrack for the new movie Diabolik – Ginko all’attacco (Diabolik – Ginko on the attack). His contribution is “Se mi vuoi” (“If you want me”). With a bold opening and subsequent refrain, the orchestral ballad is the perfect song to add a sense of drama to a movie scene. In the lyrics, the Eurovision 2020 entrant acknowledges the risk he takes by trying to be in a relationship with a certain individual. But, it’s one he’s willing to take: “Even though I know it will hurt / If you want me / I’m coming to get you tonight”.

Vaidas Baumila – “Žaižaruoja”

“Žaižaruoja” (“Sparkling”) is not the most frequently used word in the Lithuanian language. But this mysticism around the ten letters gave Vaidas Baumila an even bigger desire to somehow use it in one of his songs. The result is an ’80s-inspired track with synths that add the feeling of sparkling stars. In the accompanying music video, we see the Eurovision 2015 star thinking about his lover as he wanders through the forest. But, it turns out the reason he’s there in the first place is because of them as well.

Roxen & Selin – “Enemies”

Some relationships turn people from best friends to mortal “Enemies”. That’s unfortunately happened for Eurovision 2021 star Roxen, who now thinks they never should have met each other. The Romanian singer joins forces with Istanbul-born and UK-based singer Selin for the pop track. In the lyrics, they wish someone had given them some sort of warning: “And no one ever showed me real pain and what it is / And that it takes you up to the moon only to let you down / If somebody had told me love could hurt likes this / Then we wouldn’t be enemies”.

Expresso Transatlântico is a group from Lisbon comprised of three three musicians who bring together the music of Portugal, Africa, and Brazil. They’ve now added an extra fourth component by bringing in Eurovision 2019 star Conan Osíris. The singer provides vocals for the new single “Barquinha” (“Ship”).

Basim & Jimilian – “HVEM ER DE!?”

The 2022 FIFA World Cup kicked off this weekend. Eurovision 2014 star Basim is ready to support his home nation of Denmark and has released a song alongside Jimilian for the occasion. “HVEM ER DE!? (“WHO ARE THEY!?”) is a spirited track that can quickly get crowds up and chanting. The lyrics take aim at all the other countries participating in the competition, with Basim and Jimilian questioning the ability of their teams: “Yes, we have Schmeichel in goal – Who do they have!? / Yes, we have Eriksen in the team – Who do they have!? / We knock them all out, one by one / Yes, tell me, who do they have!? / Tell me who the f*** are they!?”.

KEiiNO – “Nights of Thunder”

There’s a storm brewing and KEiiNO are watching out for the “Nights of Thunder”. Norway’s Eurovision 2019 trio deliver another catchy electro-ethno-pop offering, though it’s slightly more subdued compared to their biggest bangers. In the lyrics, Alexandra, Tom and Fred discuss a person they’ve had to part with. They miss the times of joy they used to spend together: “Dancing all excited / Crying to every song / All our nights of thunder / Where have you gone”.

Trijntje Oosterhuis & Hans Vroomans – “Wat rest van je tijd”

Eurovision 2015 alum Trijntje Oosterhuis has collaborated with pianist Hans Vroomans. The Dutch pair come together for the jazz ballad “Wat rest van je tijd” (“What’s left of your time”). It’s a delicate piece that flows along for almost six minutes, allowing listeners to just get lost in the music.

Engelbert Humperdinck – “How Can You Mend A Broken Heart”

“How Can You Mend A Broken Heart” was the Bee Gees’ first number one single in the USA. Now British crooner Engelbert Humperdinck has put his own spin on the track. The Eurovision 2012 alum performs a steady mid-tempo rendition of the song with an element of country-pop. Humperdinck sings of his wish to piece his heart back together again: “How can you mend this broken man? / How can a loser ever win? / Please help me mend my broken heart / And let me live again”.

Kikki Danielsson – “Ängel Med Sorgkant”

Two-time Eurovision participant Kikki Danielsson has now shared her new album “Ängel Med Sorgkant”. The LP features 12 songs, including previous singles “Några steg på botten”“Låt aldrig skuggorna slå rot”“Så länge giftet verkar” and “Fem i tolv”. The remaining eight tracks keep the country sound going, taking us to the southern USA via Sweden.

Nerwus feat. Edyta Górniak – “Mów Sercem”

Polish rapper Nerwus has asked Eurovision 1994 singer Edyta Górniak to feature on the new song “Mów Sercem” (“Speak With Your Heart”). Nerwus delivers the verses and Edyta contributes the chorus in between, blending together staccato rap with legato singing. The pair discuss the difficulties all of us can go through but note that help is available, with Edyta singing, “There’s an angel”.

JOWST & Mørland – “While It’s Hot”

Despite the the bell chimes JOWST has included in the production of his new single, the Eurovision 2017 DJ has asserted that it’s NOT a Christmas song. Indeed, the lyrics are of a much more heated theme than you’d expect from a wintery song. These are sung by Eurovision 2015 star Mørland, who says he’s living like it’s always Friday: “I’m only living in this moment / I’m gonna live it like I own it / Tonight it’s us, so let’s just light it up / Grab the moment while it’s hot”. Overall, this Norwegian Eurovision collaboration is a song ready to lift up your spirits and provide those good vibes. 

Vlado Kalember & Srebrna Krila – “Slušaj”

Singer Vlado Kalember and band Srebrna Krila would like you to “Slušaj” (“Listen”) to their new single. The former Yugoslavian Eurovision representatives deliver a cheery track with a classic feel to it. The lyrics are about the fact that true love can never fade despite the obstacles life may put in our way.

4 ASA – “Popij nešto”

That’s not it from Vlado Kalember this week. He’s also part of the group 4 ASA, which is comprised of popular musicians from several different ’70s and ’80s former Yugoslavian bands. They’ve dropped the new song “Popij nešto”, an upbeat pop-rock single inspired by those decades of their previous bands.

Danijela Martinović – “Vjerujem ljudima”

“While life takes everything from me / I still trust people / And no one will ever change that”. Danijela Martinović is putting her faith in those around her. The two-time Eurovision star brings us a ballad that mixes strings and a choir with guitars and drums. In a long post on Instagram, the Croatian singer explained the message behind the song:

“This song is an ode to people – the good that lives in everyone. Sometimes it is necessary to shake everything, to break everything, in order to shine smoothly in each of us – She – the most essential spark of humanity… and sometimes it takes so little… We can all give a little of that! A tight hug of security, a pleasant word, a nice gesture, a little kindness, a little understanding. No one and nothing can stop us from being noble. There is another way, especially dear to me, and that is good wishes and good intentions. We can send them to anyone, anywhere, anytime.. and guess what? The postman of good wishes and intentions infallibly knows and always delivers them to the right address at the perfect time!”

Which of these new songs is your favourite? Have we missed out on any? Do you have any artists you want to shout out to? Let us know in the comments.

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Stian F
Stian F
1 year ago

JOWST and Mørland is AMAZING 🙂

1 year ago

Danijela Martinovic continues being iconic. She just finished judging the new edition of ”Singing with the stars” in which she sung her new song as an interval. Of course that she slayed. The show was won by Mia Negovetic (Dora 2020, 2021, 2022) and her singing partner, influencer Marco Cucurin, who said that his wish is to represent Croatia at ESC at some point. So, rumors for Dora have started.

1 year ago

Diodato’s song is good, but it’s no Deep Deep Down! ?
I wasn’t aware there was a new Diabolik movie coming. That’s great news

1 year ago

Olga Seryabkina put out a BOP this week! That should be included!

Cozmin COZMA
Cozmin COZMA
1 year ago

OMG guys, Roxen is amazing!
I just can’t stop listening to her songs and I found her really amazing and incredibly talented…….
I just can’t understand what’s happened in ROterdam because I really think she can slay live too…..

Ria NL
Ria NL
1 year ago

I like Diodato ‘s song very much