Once again Ireland will use the “The Late Late Show” to choose its Eurovision song. On Friday 3 February, host Ryan Tubridy will guide viewers through the Eurosong 2023 special, which spans genres from dance-pop to rap. Before the show kicks off, the Wiwi Jury — our in-house team of music unprofessionals — is reviewing and rating the 6 competing songs. Next up is K Muni & ND with “Down In The Rain”.

Wiwi Jury: K Muni X ND – Down In the Rain

Renske: “Down In The Rain” has rhythm and a powerful energy that hits you instantly. Although rap is one of the most popular genres worldwide, it’s a rarity at Eurovision — and often struggles. This number leans heavily on the trend in which the rap verses lead to a pop chorus. Unfortunately the lyrics, which talk about going through hard times, don’t evoke the vivid images that other songs in the genre do.

Score: 4

Rick: I have to say I’d love to see more rap on the Eurovision stage, especially from independent artists who don’t get enough attention. I really enjoy the laid back-sound of “Down in the Rain” and it’s very well-produced. This is far away from something we normally hear at Eurovision and that’s likely why I’m enjoying it.

Score: 8

Ruxy: This song might is not my favorite in Ireland’s Eurosong 2023. The chorus sounds good and their flow in the rap parts is great. But it’s not exactly my cup of tea… BUT my person preferences don’t stop me from saying that this song could do well in the music charts. As for Eurovision, I dislike the idea of ‘it’s not a Eurovision type of song.’ I think that at a certain point almost every single music genre will have a debut on the Eurovision stage and just because there hasn’t been anything similar before, it doesn’t mean it’s not suitable for the contest.

Score: 6.5

Tom: Well! I wouldn’t say this is Ireland after the first listen but I couldn’t give a rats back-side. I love it! I would be utterly delighted if this went to Eurovision. All quality music needs to be heard and I don’t think Eurovision has heard anything like this. This is the type of song that is in the charts right now around the world.  If you couldn’t tell, I am very excited that K Muni X ND are attempting to reach Eurovision with “Down In the Rain”. Thank you for being brave enough to step up to the Eurovision plate with a song like this. 

Score: 7.5

William: This has nice elements — from the artists’ sincerity to the empowering message to the smooth, resonant voices. But this ultimately feels like a demo — it’s more of an idea than a finished product. With a bit more dynamism and a sense of journey, I’d score this higher. But as it stands, it’s a 5.

Score: 5

Wiwi Jury Score: 6.2

  1. Connolly – “Midnight Summer Night” Score: 7.5
  2. Adgy – “Too Good For Your Love” Score: 7.4
  3. Leila Jane – “Wild” Score: 6.8
  4. K Muni & ND – “Down In The Rain” Score 6.2
  5. Wild Youth – “We Are One” Score: 6
  6. Public Image Limited – “Hawaii” Score: 4

What do you think of “Down In The Rain”? Do you think it is good enough to represent Ireland at Eurovision? Let us know in the comments.

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Leo M
Leo M
1 year ago

I like the chorus, good vibe but there’s no way the Irish public or the juries would vote for this

1 year ago

Amateurish elevator music. It just drags on and on, much like Hawaii.

1 year ago

This is my favourite from this nf. Chances of winning? Zero, but I’m not angry – I’ll just put the song in my playlist and be happy.