Depi Evratesil: Final six performers advance to Round 4

Depi Evratesil — Armenia’s three-month long national selection — is now into Round Three. Last week, six intense duels took place and six artists advanced to Round Four. This week, six more duels took place and the Final Twelve contestants were determined. With so much talent on display, the star-studded judging panel had some tough decisions to make.

In Round Three, one act from two of the judges’ teams will compete against one another in a duel. After those performances, the other five judges will vote for their favourite. Once their votes are revealed, the coach also votes but their vote is worth three points, meaning that they can potentially override a majority decision of their colleagues. The artist with the most points after this will advance to Round Four.

You can watch this week’s episode in full below.

The first duel was within Team Aram MP3, with Lilit Harutyunyan facing off against Jujo. Lilit has been a favourite with our readers and she showed off her impressive vocals in the previous round. This week, she covered Jessie J’s “Price Tag“. Following a dazzling performance, all five judges voted for Lilit, with Aram MP3 giving his three votes to Jujo as a consolation prize. Lilit remains a strong contender to win the entire competition as she won one of the toughest duels of the round.

The second duel pitted Narine Jinanyan against Syuzanna Melkonyan on Team Inga. All five judges voted for Syuzanna in a very similar vote. Inga’s three votes went as a consolation prize to Narine but Syuzanna joined Lilit in the Final Twelve.

Hayko’s team was the third to duel, with Eva Kans battling Team Wiwi favourite Egine. Eva Kans polarised the judges in the previous round with her performance of “We Are the World”. On the other hand, Egine came in like a “Wrecking Ball” in the auditions and knocked us out with a “Sledgehammer” in Round Two. This time, she covered “Burnin’ Up“, the second Jessie J cover of the episode. The performance had it all and the judges were impressed with the obvious improvement in Egine’s previously shaky vocals. Essaï even compared her to a Vegas showgirl! In just three minutes, Egine has gone from being our favourite novelty act to a genuine contender in this competition.

The remaining auditions also tossed up some big surprises. On Anush’s team, Anna Sedrakyan was eliminated, despite being a perennial favourite of our readers. She lost in a unanimous 8-0 vote to Alexander Plato, whose unusual performances continue to impress the judges. Marissa, who covered “Sweet People” and received a second chance despite not being selected, was also eliminated. She lost in a close 3-2 vote to Opera Viva on Team Essaï, which became 6-2 after Essaï voted.

The final duel of the round featured another of our favourites on Team Iveta. Sona Dunoyan — who dazzled us with covers of Meghan Trainor and Justin Bieber —was a “Dangerous Woman” this week, as she took on Ariana Grande. Despite another incredible performance, Sona was another victim of a shock elimination, losing out to Vahe Aleksanyan. Vahe advanced in a 7-1 vote and our favourite girl with a guitar crashed out.

With Round Three and its duels all over, the remaining contestants are as follows:

  • Aram MP3 — Lucy and Lilit Harutyunyan
  • Inga — Suzanna Melkonyan and Gevorg Harutyunyan
  • Essaï — Opera Viva and Arcvik
  • Iveta — Vahe Aleksanyan and Hasmik Siroyan
  • Hayko — Egine and Anna Danielyan
  • Anush — Marta and Alexander Plato

Round Four kicks off next week, with the competition very much heating up. Only weeks remain before Armenia will decide the artist who will sing at Eurovision 2017.

What did you think of this week’s episode? Who do you think will win Depi Evratesil? Let us know in the comments below.

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