WATCH: Spain’s Miquel Fernández pays tribute to Salvador Sobral on ‘Tu Cara Me Suena’


He’s one of Spain’s most versatile actors, wowing audiences through TV and cinema and with musical theater productions like “We will Rock You”.

And on Friday Miquel Fernández did it again as he performed on Tu Cara Me Suena — the Spanish version of Your Face Sounds Familiar — serving one of the best renditions Spain has ever seen as he took on Salvador Sobral’s “Amar pelos dois”.

WATCH: Miquel Fernández’s rendition on Tu Cara Me Suena

The hair, the suit, the facial expressions, the voice and even the language — it was all totally on point!

Just like Salvador Sobral, Miquel gave it everything. Imitating the same expressions while slaying those soft but dramatic tones, he served pure emotion — even moving some jury members and contestants to tears. The whole nation felt the same magic that Europe felt with Salvador last May.

This wasn’t just a surface job. Even the staging and the camera angles mirrored those at Eurovision, keeping the intimacy and warmth of the performance.

The Spanish actor — and also the show’s producers — sought to pay tribute to Salvador as he continues to battle health issues. But as Luisa Sobral — Salvador’s sister — recently told Brazilian media, she’s confident he will return to full health. Hopefully this performance gives him even more strength.

Miquel not only gave the performance of his life — he also secured victory (just like Salvador). Both the audience and the jury (unanimously) ranked his rendition the best of the night — and even the best in the show’s history.

Chenoa, one of the jurors, was overwhelmed. “When you leave the whole audience speechless it is for a reason,” she said. “You did a beautiful tribute.”

Carlos Latre was as enthused: “Of hundreds of performances I’ve seen on this show, I will always remember yours. One of the best, deepest, most sensitive and heart-reaching renditions I’ve ever seen.”

Not even Àngel Llàcer — the candid jury president and one of Spain’s most beloved presenters — was able to speak a word against it. Still moved after the performance he barely could speak. “I’m happy that it was you,” he said.

Every jury member gave him the maximum score — 12 points — resulting in a total of 48 that immediately put him in the lead. After the audience voting, Miquel Fernández also gained first spot in the general classification — just above Diana Navarro.

Tu Cara Me Suena – General Classification

For winning Gala 4 of Tu Cara Me Suena, Miquel was awarded a prize of €3,000. But as seen in previous editions, he chose to donate the prize to charity — in this case Payasos Sin Fronteras (Clowns Without Borders) — a Spanish humanitarian organization of clowns that perform for free for children affected by war and natural disasters.

Miquel’s stellar performance also brought Salvador Sobral’s song back into the charts. It reached #5 on iTunes Spain after the show.

Paula Rojo as guest artist

With her tattoos on, her pink hair on point and her guitar vibes going, Paula Rojo served pure Rock & Roll. The Asturian singer — a finalist in this year’s Objetivo Eurovision — did her best to channel rock diva Elle King and her hit “Ex’s and Oh’s”.

And she really did. The audience, and the jury, chanted, “We want Paula Rojo on Tu Cara Me Suena next year!”

Will she accept the invitation?

In any case, what do you think about Miquel Fernández’s rendition of Salvador Sobral? Did he nail it? And would you like to see him representing Spain in the future?  Let us know in the comments box below!