1 in 360 national final wildcard one san marino

As the public submissions draw to a close, San Marino’s 1 in 360 continues to take shape. With ten acts to make the final round, we know that three of those slots will be Wildcard entries.

One of those Wildcard slots will be determined by votes from OGAE and fan groups worldwide. Now that the shortlist of songs in the running for the fan vote has been revealed, it’s time to comb through some of the familiar faces.

Notable Names in Wildcard Round

With so many former national final acts in the running across 1 in 360, it’s no surprise to see some of those names on the shortlist.

And among the most talked-about is Emma Sandstrom. The UMK 2017 star has been documenting her attempt to represent San Marino on her YouTube channel. Her sincerity and passion touch our hearts — especially after all the drama of UMK earlier this year. Will her journey be made even easier by the Wildcard?

Malta is making its presence known in this round too. Franklin Calleja, Dominic Cini and Dario Bonicci have all appeared at MESC in previous years. There’s also a number of other Maltese acts who have made it through — the island really does go Eurovision crazy!

There’s also proof that putting in effort with Eurovision fans can pay off. Karl William Lund — from the UK’s national final in 2016 — has been a regular feature at many fan events. He takes his place in the wildcard round as well.

What’s more, there’s so many more acts that we could name: Judah Gavra (Kdam 2013), Angelika Pushnova (Belarus 2017), Sada Vidoo (DMGP 2017) — and still there’s more!

Of course, we still don’t quite know if all these acts are genuine, but we’ll hope so. Fan groups will now vote again for their winner, which will be revealed on December 3.

You can see all the entries in the fan vote on 1 in 360.

Dinah Nah amongst latest entries

She’s late to the party, but she is bringing the party. Dinah Nah took us to the dancefloor in Melodifestivalen 2015 and 2017. Now, she’s entered 1 in 360 for her shot at Eurovision.


Dinah’s late entry meant that she wasn’t in the running for this first Wildcard vote, which explains her absence on the shortlist. However, she’ll still be in running for the second Wildcard (or the third, details of which still are yet to emerge…)

That’s also the same for another Maltese favourite: Jessika. She’s already racked up an immpresive 300+ likes on 1 in 360’s web page — you go girl!

Are you part of a fan group voting for 1 in 360? Do you have any favourites from the shortlist? Let us know all your thoughts in the comments section below!

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what are your 10 favourites here, just taking into account the videos submitted 🙂 ?!


And considering the ‘proximity’ between San Marino / Italy / Malta it would be a little less weird a maltese contestant


The winner will definitely be a great singer, but what about the song? Will they give us another messy entry? Hopefully, not.


If the song is written and/or produced by Ralph Siegel, kiss this whole thing goodbye! Even worse if they hired him for this project from the very beginning…

…Otherwise, let’s wait and see.


Franklin deserves to go to ESC. He’s been trying many years and had original voice.


Several of the artists on the shortlist are definitely some of my favourite of the 100’s of entries…hope Emma from Finland makes it, otherwise would like to see Gloria Zaccaria of Italy. Both have amazing voices in their covers! Sara Vidoo would also make a great option! By the way, when will we know who makes it through??


Oops, meant SADA Vidoo!

christof straub is actually a jury member for 1in360, as I found out by looking up a candidate on 1in360 on their russian social page. looks like 1in360 and christof approached her to enter the contest, and sent her a message. the funny thing is as well the backing track for her original song is based off nicole westbrook’s ‘it’s thanksgiving’ from 2012 (the same people as rebecca black’s ‘friday’) … this along with the guy from guatemala (harold taylor) who entered a video who also appeared in the promo video on the website could already be in good with… Read more »

Franklin, Emma, Jessika (who’s been trying for 8 years to represent Malta a when last I checked) and Dinah…This is getting very interesting. We already know Franklin is going to bring the magic with him, with whatever (ballad) he is going to sing.


Good luck to Karl William Lund. He had a nice song in You Decide, and has a very nice voice, a bit Will Young-esque. He just needs to improve his presence a bit, but gets my full backing, Good Luck!


Feel like maybe Dinah Nah’s late entry means she might have been rejected from Melfest?


The third wildcard will be reserved for the San Marinese artists on the platform. (Source: SMRTV (http://www.smtvsanmarino.sm/attualita/2017/11/26/eurovision-wild-card-no-3-scelta-sammarinese))


It’s only fair.

Polegend Godgarina

I love Franklin, he’s such a sweetheart. I hope he gets to represent Malta eventually! This entire San Marino selection is a bit reductive when there are Italian artists like Arisa (in my opinion, among the best we have) that are interested.


I thought she had said no to San Marino.