Spain: Amaia and Alfred record “Tu canción” music video and final version


Spain’s sweethearts Amaia and Alfred may have just been thrown back to reality after three months inside an academy with no contact with the real world. However, these two don’t stop, and they have already recorded the final version and the music video for “Tu canción”!

RTVE has been teasing us with some footage from the upcoming video. In the images, Amaia and Alfred dance slowly, they sit on old armchairs while singing to each other, and they also get some solo shots.

“If the song already represented our relationship, the music video is going to do it even better”, says Alfred in the backstage. It looks like it’s going to follow the pattern they started at their performance on Tuesday: less is more, simplicity at its best.

They dance in front of a white background, and also stand next to each other on a spinning platform that ends up covered with autumn leaves. There’s also snow and a lot of lights.

But not everything in this music video is light. There are also some darker shots which show them kissing and running while holding hands. It’s sweet, sweet, sweet, y’all.

“Tu canción” has been re-recorded

Riding the OT momentum, RTVE has been giving fans lots of contents during the weekend. On Saturday, Amaia and Alfred were recording the final version of “Tu canción”.

The re-work hasn’t affected the structure of the song, but it adds some new elements. Amaia explains that there is a moment of silence which sounds beautiful. “It respects the original feel of the song, but now it sounds incredible. I almost started crying when I heard it”, she says.

The weekend has been busy for #Almaia. Not only they have recorded a music video and a new version of their entry, they have also started to look for their Eurovision outfits.

The people at RTVE explained in this video that they are going for a classy but youthful look, just like in the music video. However, Amaia doesn’t seem all convinced: “I want to doll up a bit, Eurovision is a unique opportunity!”.

Do you like the idea behind the “Tu canción” music video? Do you think their outfits suit them? How do you picture Amaia and Alfred on the stage in Lisbon? What do you expect from the music video? Tell us in the comment section below!


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