Peter Van de Veire — the Belgian TV personality who has fronted shows including EEN’s Eurosong — had a busy week at Eurovision 2018. But in between his various packages and commentary duties he found the time to stage an impromptu quiz outside of Altice Arena, pitting three Eurovision fans against each other to determine the ultimate connoisseur of the song contest.

His three guests included two well-known Belgian Eurovision figures — Philip Houtermans from and RTBF correspondent Vincent Bayer – and also wiwibloggs founder William Lee Adams.

Equipped with only a buzzer and their love of Eurovision, the three field a series of questions and even identify songs that Peter plays on a kazoo. It’s a good time…and also a calorific one. For every answer they get right, they receive a pastéis de nata — a traditional Portuguese tart.

Who will win this battle of the buzzer? You’ll have to watch to find out…

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It’s a good time…and also a calorific one!

Byron Adu

Australia should be able to have a song selection process to choose the artist for eurovision. Please sign the petition!


BREAKING NEWS. Irish Politicians Call For BDS After Israel’s Eurovision Win
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Well RTE has the final say on participation so just because of politicians not wanting their country to participate won’t really pose a huge impact on Ireland’s participation


Not politicians necessarily it’s the mayor of Dublin who has no power and two MEPs who are ta that important


Haha, that’s funny.
I was never really a big fan of Peter. But after hearing the Dutch commentary and even last year’s commentary from Graham Norton – which i usually adore – which was such a snoozefest, I really came to respect him for his funny Eurovision commentary!


This is so amazing. I already feel Eurovision post depressed.