Wiwi is still searching for  Eurovision’s Artist of the Millennium. Today we’re reviewing the top finishers from the 2004 contest in Istanbul. Take a look, have a think and get ready to vote on July 19!

First Place: Ukraine’s Ruslana with “Wild Dances.” It’s like a bunch of horny cavemen are performing Riverdance, and Wiwi loves it. It rivals Ukraine’s 2009 entry from Svetlana Loboda in terms of sex appeal.

Second Place: Serbia and Montenegro’s Zeljko Joksimovic “Lane moje.” It’s a nice change of pace from all the writhing, and Wiwi likes the violinist’s gold eyeshadow.

Third Place: Greece’s Sakis Rouvas with “Shake It.” The gorgeous Sakis shakes it (it being a perfectly sculpted Mediterranean torso) while wearing a hideous pair of jeans. He strips off the white shirt halfway through so that you can admire his arms. You can also admire his body by clicking here.

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[…] 2004 1. Ukraine’s Ruslana, “Wild Dances” 2. Serbia and Montenegro’s Željko Joksi… […]


sakis rouvas of course!!!he was the BEST!!!he deserved to win and he could win…Saki i love you!!!!