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Ukrainian broadcaster NTU has announced that Vasyl Lazarovich will represent the Ukraine in Oslo. The selection of a baritone singer known for subtlety and understatement is a remarkable departure for the Ukraine. Last year, the country sent the apparently over-sexed Svetlana Loboda (a.k.a. the “stripper in a hamster wheel“) to Moscow and her performance quickly divided the continent. In 2008, Ani Lorak had the honor with her high-octane number Shady Lady.

“I am surprised by this decision – till the last moment I couldn’t dream of representing Ukraine at the Eurovision,” Lazarovich told reporters at a press conference on December 29. “I am well aware of the great responsibility this puts on me. For the past five years, I heard not a single low voice in the Eurovision contest; this is why I wanted to go beyond the standard norms, beyond the so-called format, to demonstrate the power of my voice. The more you’re unlike the others, the better.”

Vasyl’s knack for ballads will certainly set him apart in a contest that seems to prefer up-tempo dance numbers. Here he is performing his song Ya Pidu V Daleki Gody on Ukrainian TV:

Songwriters from across the Ukraine can now submit songs for Lazarovich to consider. It’s unclear whether a professional jury or the public will choose. In either case, Lazarovich made it clear what he’s looking for: “A 100% chart buster to conquer Europe.”

Official video: Василий Лазарович клип Свобода

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wiwi — are you going to cover melodifestivalen this year? please do!