Poland, Marcin Mrozinski

And the poll favors….a Pole! Despite the fact some bookies have listed him as a 300:1 outsider to win Eurovision, Poland’s Marcin Mrozinski has moved into first place in Wiwi’s ongoing poll “Who Will Win the First Semi-Final at Eurovision?” As of Monday, May 3 at 10pm, 1,374 votes have been cast. Marcin claims 17.3% of them. He’s just ahead of Serbia’s Milan Stankovic who has 15%. Here are the complete standings (click to enlarge):

In the poll to determine who will win the second semi-final, 1,946 votes have been cast. Turkey’s maNga have jumped into the lead for the first time and claim 42% of all votes. Armenia’s Eva Rivas (the Angelina Jolie impersonator) is second with 21%.  Here are the complete results:

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13 years ago

To me Poland, Grece and Albania are the best songs with first semi-final.