When talking to twins, an interview tends to run twice as long. When talking to Jedward, who speak in paragraphs rather than sentences, it runs longer still. So, in order to bring you all the Jedward goodness in digestible chunks, Wiwi has divided the interview into two parts. In part one, below, Jedward tell Wiwi about their relationship with their fans, their motivation for entering Eurovision, and their thoughts on their rivals in Düsseldorf. (Be sure to check out the exclusive videos Wiwi shot when he met the twins before proceeding!)

Edward: It’s really weird okay because John’s voice is gone, but I’m taking over, so everything I say represents him. Basically we always represent each other and so we’re like a copy of each other.

Wiwi: I see that you’re eating from his bowl of cereal while he’s gone. Since you guys are twins can he taste what you’re eating?

Edward: Well, we usually eat the same stuff, so yes.

What about if you break a leg?

Edward: Like, once I fell on stage and snapped the whole thing. It was at T4 on the Beach [the outdoor music concert series] and on YouTube and it was in all the newspapers the next day. It was crazy. I needed to rest for six months but we had a whole tour to do, so I was on stage just doing stuff on painkillers.

WATCH as Edward breaks his leg on stage:

John’s been away from the table for at least five minutes. Is this the longest you’ve ever been apart?

Edward: No. The longest has probably been a day, but we were always talking to each other. The thing is, when John’s not around I don’t have anyone to talk or. Or no one I can honestly talk to cause John’s opinion is, like, #1.  If John says I’m doing something right then I know it’s good. He knows I can do, like, the best I can. He knows my abilities, so if I’m not doing something 100% he’s like, “Edward, get ready, and get big!”

Do you share a bedroom?

Edward: At home we have the same bedroom. We always had bunk beds when we were younger, and then we split them, and then we didn’t have enough room in our rooms, put them back into bunk beds.

[John comes back to the table and touches my hair]

John: Hey, okay, it’s like really, really cool you have, like, a mini-Jedward going on. It’s kind of small. It’s really cool. Yeah!

What’s your closet like?

Edward: Me and John have more shirts and ties than we do t-shirts.

John: Yeah, like, we don’t have any casual clothes. Ninety-five percent of our clothes are shirts and ties.

Edward: When our hair is down we don’t feel tired. When our hair is up we feel focused.

John: When our hair is down it’s like silky smooth. But today our hair is sticking right up.

Right. So why did you guys want to compete at Eurovision?

John: The reason why we wanted to compete at Eurovision was it’s one of the huge competitions in the world. I mean think about it. Every single European country is watching it. And it’s a huge way for Jedward to go global. People in Spain….

Edward: Basically we’re doing Eurovision because we don’t like going on holidays where people don’t recognize us. So now we wanna conquer the whole world so people can recognize us in every single country. But people do still recognize us, but we want it so we won’t be able to go anywhere.

Isn’t it like that in England already?

Edward: It’s already like that in other countries

John: Everyone is on Twitter. We have like 45,000 followers in America on Twitter, and like 30,000 in Japan, and maybe like 2,000 here. They’re like, “I’m from Japan, I’m from Singapore!” We get fan mail from all over the world. But this will be, like, a bigger thing so everyone will see us, millions upon millions. It’s a really big deal. It’s, like, Jedward going global.

On our blog we have a feature called Eurovision Death Match, and it’s neck and neck between you and Slovakia’s TWiiNS. What do you think of them?

Edward: Okay, we’re guys, okay, we like love our fans. We always spend hours upon hours talking to them. We don’t have a private life. Everything is about being famous. Meeting our fans, doing concerts. We don’t say we need down times to relax.

John: Everything is about our fans. Our fans always come first. Everything we do is, like, crazy.

Edward: They’re just like singing, okay, but me and John are really, really cool.

John: And the thing about it is we are guys, and they are girls, and it’s mainly girls who vote for guys, not girls who vote for girls. Every single time there is a blog or a quiz on the Internet our fans get straight on it and say, “Vote for Jedward!” Our fans are always online. We’re always on Twitter.

Edward: They always go to, like, other countries and promote us. That’s why people in other countries know who we are. Even these French people are like “Jedward!”

John: The thing about it is everyone here [in Britain] has already seen our hair, but when people in other countries see our hair they are like “WHOA!”

Edward: Some of them don’t know we’re famous, but they feel, like, “Oh my god they must be famous!” They don’t know why they like us. They just like us because they think we’re cool.

John: Like yesterday we met people from Hungary, Poland, from all over Europe, and they wanted to get pictures of us and said, “You guys look really cool! You have a really cool dress sense, and your hair is really cool” and we’re like actually really, really nice. My voice is gone because I’m always talking so much all the time.

Edward: I think we make each girl and each of our fans feel really special. We give time to each of them. We don’t kind of have a generic conversation with each person. We give them each a special moment. We remember facts about them. We remember their names, and that means a lot to them so they keep coming back.

John: And we’re always on Twitter tweeting them, direct messaging them, following them. Twitter is like your mobile phone and all your friends are on it.

Edward: It’s basically like a public mobile phone, and everybody has it.

What is your Eurovision entry “Lipstick” about?

John: It’s about a girl putting her lipstick on and we’re coming to get her. Da da dum. Got her lipstick on. Hit and run. She’s got it on. I’m gong to run and I’m gonna get her.

Edward: It’s kind of like a song you hear in James Bond or something. Everyone is comparing it to Britney Spears’ “Womanizer.”

John: It’s a real fast beat, up tempo track, and the minute it starts it goes straight into it, and it’s really catchy, and by the end of it you know the chorus.

Can you give us a hint of your stage show in Düsseldorf?

Edward: Our stage show in Düsseldorf is going to be really, really hot. It’s going to be the hottest performance ever at Eurovision. It’s gong to like totally step up the game at Eurovision because right now at Eurovision it’s cool but we’re going to take it to the next level.

John: We’re going to make it really animated and really, really out there and high energy.

Edward: We wanted to have animals but we weren’t allowed.


Edward: Like tigers, and get everyone like crazy.

John: Eurovision is like such a big deal, and everyone watches it, and these major Eurovision fanatics are like, “We love Jedward. Loads of people all over the world are talking about our song.”

Come back in a few days for Part II of Wiwi’s exclusive interview with Jedward. They’ll sound off on the Irish Eurovision fans who booed them at the national final, share their thoughts on Jedward hater Johnny Logan and tell you about their stage show in Düsseldorf.

xoxo, Wiwi

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Bless Jedward – great interview

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hiya thanks for this 🙂