Deban: There is something rather unsettling about this performance. Firstly, Soluma Samay turned up for rehearsals in what seems to be her outfit for the show. Complete with an ornate hat, she looked like she was booked for a pantomime performance on a cruise ship. Sack the wardrobe team. Secondly, did she slip some speed tablets to the girls on the giant guitar, and the drum kit? If so, then, why did she sedate the lads on the keyboard and violin? Is she a closeted misandrist? This is a good example of a song that works well on radio, but reads as lacklustre on stage.

Wiwi: It’s never a good sign when the most exciting moment of your song involves you throwing your hat on the floor. Alas, Soluna Samay has fallen into this category. I’m much more interested in the beauty playing double bass: her leotard is covered in sequins and jewels. It’s so tacky that it steals the spotlight. I’m hoping that the LED lights were broken during Soluna’s act. If THAT is the best her team could come up with then she is in big trouble. Deban, if this were a cruise ship I would jump overboard and take Soluna’s guitar with me. This act is dull, dull, dull. To Soluna’s credit, she has a lovely voice and it looks like she followed the advice of the Wiwi Jury. She no longer says “like Sahara miss the rain,” but uses the grammatically correct expression, “Sahara misses the rain.” Excellent.

Vebooboo: I may not be epileptic, but this staging almost gave me a shock. The brown leather couch, the sailor’s cap, the tattoo on Soluna’s right arm, the random colouring on the LED in the background…I’m all about having a lot to handle, but this was a bit of overload bearing in mind the musical genre. It’s funny, because Soluna is essentially Anna Bergendahl’s twin sister, and yet while the Swede used candles and virginity, the Dane has brought out all the kitsch. In fairness, Anna couldn’t have possibly done worse, so maybe this is just what’s needed. It ain’t my cup of tea, though — I prefer me some chaiiiiiii courtesy of Rona Nishliu and Albania!


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9 years ago

I am totally on board with Soluna’s outfit.
Bass girl needs some moves besides holding the bass up and jittering randomly. Actually, I don’t want to see a double bass at all unless it’s played well.
The drums are the life of the song. Drum girl needs an appropriate top.
As long as the guys are not dressing up they should not look sloppy instead but wear something tidy and subdued: dress pants and matching shirt and NO BASEBALL CAP. Three random costumes is the limit.

9 years ago

I love this song, I love Soluna’s voice and I wish Denmark a well-deserved top 10 spot in the final. Go, go my sweet blondie!! 😀

sheila fits
9 years ago

yip a snore fest from start to finish
there is no doubt she can sing but thats where it begins and ends
no top 5 this year Im afraid and if there is to be a shock in the first semi final this could could be it